Business, Economics & Policy

The University of Chicago is well known for the Chicago schools of thought in various disciplines and has been a world leader in the reshaping of modern business and economics, the creation of the discipline of law and economics, and the rigorous analysis of public policy. Meanwhile, China’s remarkable transformation offers rich experiences for research, raises significant questions, and may provide important lessons for other countries. Many Chicago scholars, including Nobel Laureates Milton Friedman, Gary Becker, Merton Miller, Robert Fogel, James Heckman, and Ronald Coase, have lectured in China and engaged in discussions with Chinese leaders. Some of the University’s faculty members have become prominent political leaders, including former Secretary of State George Schultz and President Barack Obama.

Scholarship, Policy Analysis, and Business Practices
Through workshops, conferences, lectures, and exchanges, the University of Chicago Center in Beijing will provide a major platform for continued dialogue and deliberation between University of Chicago scholars and Chinese policymakers, scholars, and business leaders on topics including human capital and economic development, trade and foreign exchange policy, environmental regulation and health policy, and effective business practices. Papers will be made publicly available and thus contribute to policy debates within China and the United States and in other countries.

Through the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, the Center will provide opportunities to engage alumni and the broader community through major conferences such as the Management Conference, the Global Leadership Series, and Business Forecast Events. It will also support activities related to the Polsky Center’s Global New Venture Challenge and Venture Capital Industry Competition.

In addition to providing support for work with Chinese universities, the center will facilitate work with leading policy centers, including the State Council Development Research Center, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and the China Institute for Reform and Development.

Training Programs
In recent years the University has provided a number of training programs for Chinese officials in education, culture, public administration, and earthquake administration. The Center in Beijing will also provide resources expand the number of these programs, and to enable the University of Chicago to partner with leading Chinese institutions to develop and offer professional programs for government and policy officials.

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