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Previous University of Chicago Center in Beijing Conferences and Events are listed below. Click on an event for more information.

Knee and shoulder injuries are more common in elite athletes than the general population, and a safe and early return to play places greater demands on the management of such injuries.  This conference will discuss the latest concepts and techniques in knee and shoulder surgery and rehabilitation for the elite athlete.  Both the University of Chicago and Peking University have both been leaders in the field of orthopaedic sports medicine and the treatment of elite athletes.  The co-directors of this conference, Professors Ho and Ao have collaborated to bring the very best and latest of sports medicine to Beijing.  As team physician for the China Women's National Volleyball team, Dr. Ho will use specific examples from experiences treating injured members of the 2016 Olympic gold medal team in Rio de Janeiro.  Head Coach Lang Ping will speak at the conference and offer her insights into the role that sports medicine played in her success over the course of her coaching career.  Dr. Ao is the well-known leader of sports medicine at the prestigious Peking University, will bring his experience with the many elite and Olympic athletes he has treated.  Dr. Shi, originally from Beijing and trained at Harvard University, is now Director of the Research and Shoulder and Elbow consultant for University of Chicago's sports medicine service and teams.  He consults and lectures in China and United States on a regular basis as an expert in shoulder surgery and research.

4th Annual 21st Century Anthropology Forum

All day
Through October 15, 2017

Oct. 14

October 14 and 15 the Center in Beijing welcomed the 4th Annual 21st Century Anthropology Forum.  The Forum was organized by the Renmin University of China Institute for Anthropological Research and the Renmin University National Development and Strategy Research Institute.  

The University of Chicago Division of the Humanities cordially invites you to an information session about the Master of Arts Program in the Humanities (MAPH) presented by our newly appointed Dean, Anne Walters Robertson. Dean Robertson will be joined via Skype by Dr. Hilary Strang, MAPH's Deputy Director, to present an overview of the program and the admission process.

The Liver, Microbiome, and Academic Skills Workshop

All day
Through September 9, 2017

Sep. 8

"The Liver, Microbiome, and Academic Skills Workshop" was successfully held on September 8th-9th 2017, at the University of Chicago Center in Beijing.  More than 50 audiences including doctors, students and researchers attended this conference and had heated discussions with speakers.  This conference was co-organized by Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Hepatobiliary Surgery and Nutrition (HBSN), AME Publishing Company, University of Chicago Global Surgery, University of Chicago Department of Surgery and University of Chicago Center in Beijing.  It is the seventh in a sequence of workshops held every autumn.  The workshop assembled the world’s experts in the microbiome, who focus their effort on various liver disease.  Active clinical researchers presented on the new paradigms for treating both hepatocellular and cholangio carcinomas.  Finally, with the academic writing session, they provided a better understanding of the manuscript process, with a focus on the impact of unethical behavior.


Greater China Forum

All day
Through September 3, 2017
Kerry Hotel, Beijing

Sep. 2

Hosted by the Chicago Booth Alumni Club of China

Aug. 18

The Fifth International Conference on Ancient Tomb Art was successfully held on August 18th-20th 2017, at the University of Chicago Center in Beijing. More than 220 audiences including researchers and people who are quite interested in tomb art attended this conference and had heated discussions with speakers. This conference was organized by Center for the Art of East Asia, University of Chicago, School of the Humanities, Central Academy of Fine Arts and Center for Visual Studies, Peking University, co-organized by Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House. It is the fifth in a sequence of conferences held biennially on the art of tombs, the longest and most deeply rooted ritual art tradition in pre-modern China. This is a vital and growing field of study both in the sense of the increasing materials available from archeological activity and in the multi-disciplinary scholarship that it has inspired.

On July 20th, Kyle Chan, a UChicago alum and current PhD student in sociology at Princeton University, presented findings from his ongoing dissertation project on China's high-speed rail program. 

The 7th Chinese Political Sociology Workshop

All day
Through July 21, 2017

Jul. 19

This year is the 7th year of the Chinese Political Sociology Workshop, a 3-day event co-organized by The University of Chicago Center in Beijing and the Department of Sociology at Renmin University of China. The topic this year--Ideas, Identities, and Ideology-- drew more than 160 scholars and students, international and local, to join the rigorous discussion.

The workshop was structured around 6 subtopics that included “Ideology and State”, “Ideology and Political Order”, “Ideology and Governance”, “Identities and Ideologies”, “Communism in Practice” and “Ethnicity, Nation and Nationalism”. Besides scholars from several local universities, the workshop also featured professors from London School of Economics, Columbia University and Universidad Carlos III De Madrid.

“500 Brushstrokes fuses painting, papercut, and collage into a new form of two-dimensional art. The artist first draws random strokes on xuan paper with ink and traditional paint. He then cuts out every brushstroke and uses them to construct new compositions. Inspired by Han dynasty bronze “money trees,” Daydream Forest constructs mesmerizing 3-D structures with 2-D images of fantastic beasts.
Both sets of works derive their concepts from the art of folk papercuts but transform them into the language of contemporary art. Full of movement and dynamism, Wu Jian’an’s art merges concrete and abstract forms to generate infinite transformations.”
——Wu Hung

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