Wuhan University Medical Education Reform Project

Wuhan faculty visit to U of C, April 2009

The Wuhan University Medical Education Reform (WUMER) Project is a university-wide initiative that started in 2008. Led by Dr. Renslow SHERER and the Section of Infectious Diseases and Global Health, the project will provide technical assistance to Wuhan University for comprehensive reform of their medical education curriculum and methodology, with a special emphasis on infectious diseases and public health. For additional information about the WUMER Project, follow the link below:


Representatives of Wuhan University were on the University of Chicago campus on October 18, 2010. The delegation included:

Wuhan administration visits U of C, October 2010

  • Prof. GU Hailiang, President of Wuhan University
  • Prof. ZHOU Yunfeng, Director of University Medical Center
  • Prof. CHEN Chuanfu, Dean of School of Information Management
  • Prof. LI Ziyuan, Party Secretary of College of Chemistry and Molecular Science
  • Dr. QIAN Jianguo, Director of President’s Office
  • Dr. LI Hui, Deputy Director of International Office

During the visit President ZIMMER and President GU of Wuhan signed a memorandum of understanding.

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