Professor Dali Yang Speaks at Inaugural Tianjin Forum

  • Professor Yang speaks with scholars. Photo courtesy of Nankai University.

January 9, 2015

Professor Dali Yang (UChicago Center in Beijing Faculty Director) delivered a keynote address entitled “Access to Information, Societal Change, and Governance” during the inaugural Tianjin Forum held on January 8-9.

He reviewed how governance has evolved over the past two centuries around the world and discussed the challenges to governance in the age of digital information and the changes that are being adopted in various forms of governance. He examined these issues in greater depth at the Zhou Enlai Forum at Nankai University on January 9, 2015.

The Tianjin Forum is a recurring academic forum hosted collaboratively by Nankai University and the Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies.

芝加哥大学北京中心主任杨大利教授在1月8-9日举办的首届天津论坛上发表了题为“信息化、社会变迁与治理”的主题演讲。他回顾了近两个世纪全世界范围治理模式的创新, 同时探讨了在数字信息化时代各种治理方式面临的挑战和正在做出的改变。1月9日,杨教授还在南开大学周恩来论坛与南开大学师生就此主题进行了更为深入的讨论。