2015 PUMCH International Conference on Residency Education

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Peking Union Medical College Hospital


The PUMCH International Conference on Residency Education was held on PUMCH campus on October 31st, 2015. As a long-term institutional collaborator, a delegation of the University of Chicago Medicine led by Dr. Renslow Sherer was among the meeting participants, members including Dr. John McConville, Dr. Mari Egan, Dr. Nancy Schindler, Dr. Jonathan Lio, Dr. Jennifer Tseng, and Ivy Jiang from the Departments of Internal Medicine, Family Medicine and General Surgery as well as Dr. Mark Potter, Family Medicine Residency Program Director at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Organized by China Medical Board (CMB) and PUMCH, commissioned by National Health and Family Planning Commission and Ministry of Education, the conference attracted about 500 hospital residency program directors and the leaders of the affiliated medical schools, as well as representatives from ACGME-International and MGH.

Dr. Sherer was invited to lead the discussion on the U.S. model of the competence-based residency training and its certification process. He also shared the lessons and experiences from his ongoing medical education reform collaboration with Wuhan University School of Medicine as well as faculty development effort in PUMCH. He stressed the importance of building a training framework in China that is competence-based, data-driven and replicable across China.

The conference highlighted the needs for more dialogues among all major stakeholders in China on the journey of residency training standardization and quality control.


Reported by Ivy Jiang