Alumni Event: Fireside Chat with a seasoned BD Executive

2:00–6:00 pm


On February 6, Dr. Jun Bao, MBA’99, had an interesting dialogue on business development in biomedicine with Clifford Stocks who also holds an MBA from the Booth School of Business, in front of an enthusiastic audience gathered at the University of Chicago Center in Beijing. 

Clifford J. Stocks is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of OncoResponse, Inc., a Seattle based biotech company focused on immuno-oncology which was formed through a strategic alliance between Theraclone Sciences and MD Anderson Cancer Center.  Recently he was CEO of Theraclone where he oversaw the successful development of several therapeutic antibodies focused on infectious diseases, including monoclonal antibodies, for HIV-cure licensed to Gilead. Mr. Stocks’ career includes 15 years at ICOS corporation, where he served as an Executive Officer and Vice President of Business Development.  He was a key architect of the Lilly ICOS joint venture partnership leading to their $2.3 billion merger in 2007.  His early career includes academic research on staff in the department of molecular genetics and cell biology at the University of Chicago, where he received his MBA from.

50 people from research institutions, manufacturers, sales companies, consulting firms, universities, law firms, and financial and insurance companies attended the event.  The dialogue helped the audience to further understand the strategies and skills needed in business development of the biomedicine industry. 

Jun Bao, MBA’99, PhD, is Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer, Acting Chief Financial Officer, Member of Board of Directors of the Beijing Shenogen Biomedical Co., Ltd.

The event was co-organized by the Tongxieyi Club, University of Chicago Beijing Alumni Club and the BayHelix Group.

2017年2月6日,由同写意BD俱乐部、芝加哥大学校友会和百华协会共同举办的2017年第一场BD和投资沙龙活动在芝加哥大学北京中心举办。本次活动围绕包骏博士对Clifford Stocks先生以BD和医药产业发展为主题的现场采访展开。