Art Gallery Reception for Xu Weixin’s Seven Miners Series

With two of Xu’s paintings as background, Wu Hung talks to a camera crew about the series.

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The Center in Beijing hosted a reception for the installation of Xu Weixin’s Seven Miners series of paintings.  The event also celebrated the 75th Anniversary of Renmin University, where Xu is a dean.  His works were praised during speeches at the reception by Renmin Vice-President Zha Xianyou, Center in Beijing Faculty Director Dali Yang and Wu Hung, UChicago Art History Professor and Curator of the Center’s art gallery.

Renmin University’s news site gave this description of Dean Xu’s remarks:

“开幕式上,徐唯辛阐释了自己对于当代艺术的感悟,对自己的创作经历进行了回顾,并对芝加哥大学北京中心能够为他提供这样一个机会表示感谢。他介绍到,画中 所描绘的人物都是地方上私人小煤窑里的矿工,有许多来自于偏远的农村。生活在社会底层的他们以辛勤的劳作为全人类的生活换来了无尽便利,而他们本身却常常 被人们所忽视。使人们逐渐对弱势个体产生关注,正是他创作这百余幅矿工肖像的初衷。”