论文摘要邀请:作为行动的亚洲: 日常民族志的尺度扩展Call for Abstracts: Asia as Action: Scaling Ethnography of the Everyday

All day
Through June 22, 2019
University of Chicago Center in Beijing
20th Floor, Culture Plaza
59A Zhong Guan Cun Street
Haidian District, Beijing

Jun. 21

Asia as Action: Scaling Ethnography of the Everyday: A Graduate Student Conference​

作为行动的亚洲: 日常民族志的尺度扩展


Keynote Speaker 主旨演讲

Viren Murthy, Associate Professor of History, University of Wisconsin-Madison


The University of Chicago Center in Beijing is inviting graduate students and emerging scholars to participate in a graduate student conference to consider the meaning and politics of "Asia" in everyday contexts. In 1960, Takeuchi Yoshimi, a Japanese scholar of Chinese literature, delivered a lecture on "Asia as Method" to challenge fellow Japanese intellectuals to consider their nation and region from the global historical situation of "Asia."  If the telos of modernization is not that of imperialist conquest in the wake of decolonization, peoples of "Asia" must reckon anew with modern ideas spread from the West while pushing back against its colonial histories toward actualizing global equality. An intuitive rather than programmatic formulation, "Asia as method" refers to this ongoing project of collective subject-formation. Takeuchi saw the scholar's object as "a nation's people in regard to their thoughts and feelings, and through this...their everyday existence"[1]. Following suit, we seek to estrange and embrace the notion of "Asia" as a call to scholarly action. We ask, how can methodologies in the social sciences and humanities re-center around "Asia" while being informed by the everyday practices, habits, affects and thoughts of ordinary actors? Recognizing the challenge of using ethnography to represent the complexities of regional constructs like "Asia," we encourage innovative ways of scaling the local and the everyday to speak to inter-Asian histories, politics and cultures.

[1] Takeuchi Yoshimi. 2005. What Is Modernity? New York: Columbia University Press. Page 149.

芝加哥大学北京中心诚邀研究生和年轻学者参加这一旨在从日常生活出发,重审“亚洲”意义和政治的研究生会议。1960年,日本的中国文学学者竹内好以“作为方法的亚洲”为题的讲演震撼了日本知识界,号召从“亚洲”国际性的历史情景下来反思他们的国族与地域。如果现代化的终极目的并不是解殖运动之后帝国主义的卷土重来,“亚洲”人民必须一方面藉助西方观念进行思考,同时小心抵御其背后的殖民历史,以期真正的全球公义。从行动的直觉而非仅仅理论性的纲领出发,“作为方法的亚洲”意指这种思考所带来的主体生成。竹内好把学术研究的对象定义为“一国民众的思考方式、感 受方式,以及深藏其间的生活”[1]。顺着这个思路,我们期待紧扣“亚洲”而又能把此概念陌生化的学术思考。我们要问:哪些人文社会科学的方法可以聚焦“亚洲”并能和普通社会行动者的日常实践、惯习、情感与思考接轨?我们也意识到以民族志体现“亚洲”的复杂有相当的挑战,所以我们鼓励扩焦地方的尺度的新视角,从日常出发,讲述“亚际”(inter-Asian)的历史,政治和文化。

[1] 竹内好. 2005. 什么是现代性?哥伦比亚大学出版社. 第149页. 中文翻译摘自熊文莉《人間思想》第四輯“作為方法的亞洲”。

We invite abstracts from disciplines including anthropology, area studies, comparative literature, cultural studies, geography, history, linguistics, sociology, and related fields.


Encouraged topics and themes include but are not limited to 我们希望看到的主题包括但不局限于:

  • Ethnographies of everyday life in “Asia” “亚洲”的日常生活民族志
  • Scales, scale-making, regimes of metricalization 尺度的政治
  • Imaginaries of “Asia” in mediascapes 媒体中的“亚洲”想象
  • Aspirational China, entrepreneurial selves  雄心勃勃的中国与企业家式的个体
  • Cities in villages and villages in cities 城市中的乡村与乡村中的城市
  • Flows of persons and things 人与物的流动
  • Translations of value, affect and embodied experience 价值、情感和具身经验的转译
  • Anthropocene and the “community of shared future for mankind” 人类世与“人类命运共同体”
  • Pan-Asianism and Afro-Asian-Latin America solidarity 泛亚洲主义与亚非拉民族大团结

Please submit a 300-word (max.) abstract by April 1st, 2019 (China Standard Time) to AsiaAsAction@gmail.com, together with your name, current affiliation, a short bio, as well as your travel preference (Partial to full travel expenses will be paid for participants with accepted abstracts). Due to limited budget, simultaneous interpretation will not be provided, and we request that participants submit abstracts and full papers in English, suitable for a 15-20 minute presentation.

请最晚于4月1日(北京时间)将一份不超过300字的摘要,连同您的姓名、所属机构、简短个人介绍以及旅行偏好发送至 AsiaAsAction@gmail.com,我们将择情承担您的全部或部分出行花销。鉴于经费有限我们无法提供同声传译,因而我们请求所有的会议投稿与论文均使用英语,并将每个发言控制在15-20分钟内。


Conference Timeline (China Standard Time) 会议进程(北京时间)

April 1: Abstract Submission Deadine


April 15: Notification of Acceptance


May 1: Registration Deadline


June 1: Full Paper Submission Deadline


June 21 - 22: Conference

6月21 -22日:会议



University of Chicago Center in Beijing


20th Floor, Culture Plaza, No. 59 Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing



Persons with disabilities who need an accommodation in order to participate in this conference should contact AsiaAsAction@gmail.com. If you have any inquiries regarding the conference, please do so as well.

身有残障人士如需要与会服务,请联系 AsiaAsAction@gmail.com。若您有任何问题,也请发送至我们的会议邮箱。


Conference website: https://voices.uchicago.edu/asiaasaction/

Co-Sponsor: The Institute of Global Ethnology and Anthropology (IGEA), Minzu University of China

会议官网: https://voices.uchicago.edu/asiaasaction/cn/