Career Advancement Trek Introduces Students to Opportunities in China

  • Students and Career Advancement staff get to know the mascot of Tencent, a major Chinese tech company, during a visit to the company’s offices in Shanghai.

  • Students speak with Microsoft staff in Beijing about the company’s startup incubators.

  • Students and alumni gather for dinner in Beijing.

All day
Through December 18, 2014
Beijing and Shanghai

Dec. 15

Guided by UChicago Career Advancement staff, the students visited over a dozen offices, where they learned firsthand about work that alumni and friends of UChicago do in the tech, education consulting, environmental policy advocacy, banking, finance and automotive industry. The venues visited by the group ranged from young startups to major Chinese corporations to large multinationals such as Microsoft, Google, Kohler and General Motors.

The Career Trek group also sat down to a Peking duck dinner with several alumni, where students had the opportunity to get to know alums from a range of industries and backgrounds. Before leaving Beijing for Shanghai, the students also visited the UChicago Center for a tour of the facilities and a coffee break with a current Booth School of Business student who is conducting research into the investment field in China.

The China Career Trek, held on an annual basis since 2012, brings a diverse range of students to Beijing and Shanghai to explore careers in China—some students are from China or have relatives who live in the country, while others have never traveled outside of the United States. Many students who participate in the China Treks are part of the UChicago Careers in Business pre-professional development program. The trips to China are part of a global series of Career Treks focused on a diverse range of industries.

The Career Advancement website also has more information for students who are interested in attending a Trek and alumni and friends who are interested in hosting visiting students.