Climate Activists with Global Vision Series Talk Ⅲ

6:30–8:30 pm
University of Chicago Center in Beijing
20th Floor, Culture Plaza
59A Zhong Guan Cun Street
Haidian District, Beijing


China Youth Climate Action Network (CYCAN); SHANSHUI Conservation Center; Greenovation Hub



Last December, the 24th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 24) was held in Katowice, Poland. After two-week negotiation, the parties have agreed on the rules, modalities, and procedures regarding the implementation of Paris Agreement, and the Conference released the Paris Rulebook and “Katowice Climate Package”. Thanks to the preparation work done by previous two COPs, governments at Katowice Conference have adopted a robust set of guidelines for implementing all 29 articles of Paris Agreement including objective, mitigation, adaptation, loss and damage, technology, capacity building, and global stocktake. In addition, the Fiji-led Talanoa Dialogue also concluded at COP24 which facilitated the discussion among all parties on how to boost pre-2020 climate action and how to achieve the long-term climate objective. However, the results are nowhere satisfactory for anyone. Some parties are criticized for their staunch attitude never giving up on fossil fuel energy; the operational rules for implementing Article 6 regarding market mechanism and the conflict on climate financing remain unresolved.

Is COP 24 impeded by the inadequate international leadership in global climate governance? What are the tangible and solid achievements of Tanaloa Dialogue? What future changes will happen to climate negotiations caused by the increasingly active role of non-party participants? What is the role of multilateralism and community cooperation in the green development of the “Belt and Road” Initiative and climate governance? What is the interaction between community cooperation and improvement of adaptation capacity of pasture lands? Does youth have power of discourse and influence in climate negotiation?

In this salon, we invite experts on climate negotiation from government agencies, research institutes, and NGOs to share important progress and achievements made in Katowice conference. The salon has two sessions: interactive Q&A and panel dialogue. During the second half, the panelists will have an in-depth discussion on the topic of “Achievements of COP 24 and China’s Contribution”.


上个月,第二十四届联合国气候变化大会(COP 24)在波兰的卡托维兹闭幕,本次会议谈判出了实施《巴黎协定》的详细规则、准则和程序,发布了《巴黎协定规则手册》(Paris Rulebook)与卡托维兹气候共识(Katowice Climate Package)。在经历了两届的过渡会议之后,《巴黎协定》的29条气候行动,涉及目标、减缓、适应、损失损害、技术、能力建设、透明度、全球盘点等大多数内容已在卡托维兹一槌定音。此外,会议期间举办的塔拉诺阿对话(Talanoa Dialogue)也就各方如何促进提升2020年前行动力度、以实现应对气候变化长期目标进行了讨论,取得了阶段性进展。然而本次大会的结果并不能说令人满意,谈判场上一些国家对化石能源的顽固态度备受批判,而令人关注的市场机制指导细则、资金问题分歧也仍未能在本届会议中敲定或解决。











对话 COP24成果与中国贡献/Panel Discussion


CYCAN青年代表 宋瑞明先生

Mr. SONG Ruiming, Youth Delegate from CYCAN


外交部条约法律司气候办一秘 郭晓峰先生

Mr. GUO Xiaofeng, First Secretary, The Department of Treaty and Law, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China

国家应对气候变化战略研究和国际合作中心国际合作部主任 柴麒敏先生

Mr. CHAI Qimin, Director of International Cooperation Department, National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation

自然资源保护协会(NRDC)中国项目能源、环境与气候变化高级顾问 杨富强先生

Dr. YANG Fuqiang, Senior Adviser on Energy, Environment and Climate Change, China Program, Natural Resources Defense Council

创绿研究院研究员 李秀兰女士

Ms. LI Xiulan, Researcher, Greenovation Hub

山水自然保护中心草原项目协调员 戴胡萱女士

Ms. DAI Huxuan, Conservation Project Official, SHANSHUI Conservation Center

CYCAN青年代表, 北京大学学生 杨天铭先生

Mr. YANG Tianming, Youth Delegate from CYCAN, Senior Student at Peking University