Conference on Comparative Constitutional Law in Asia (Hong Kong)

All day
Through December 18, 2011

Dec. 17

Comparative constitutional law is a discipline of increasing importance in the legal academy and is of interest to scholars in political science, economics and other social science disciplines.  Although the scholarly literature on the topic has burgeoned in recent years, it has focused on a relatively small number of jurisdictions in Western Europe and the English-speaking world.  A smaller literature has emerged on Latin America. But there is less comparative constitutional writing on East Asia and there has been relatively little exchange between Asian scholars and the mainstream of comparative constitutional law.

The University of Chicago Center in Beijing co-sponsored with Hong Kong University a conference on Comparative Constitutional Law in Asia Dec 18-19, 2011.  This roundtable brought together leading scholars of Asian constitutional law to discuss regional constitutional patterns and their relationship to global norms and archetypes.  Contributors to the 2011 handbook on Comparative Constitutional Law, edited by Tom Ginsburg and Rosalind Dixon and published by Edward Elgar, covered a range of topics including judicial independence, property rights, constitutional endurance, amendment procedures and religion.

Organizers: Rosalind Dixon and Tom Ginsburg, University of Chicago (Law School), and Johannes Chan, University of Hong Kong

Photographs by Tom Ginsburg.

Venue: Meng Wah Complex, University of Hong Kong

8:45-9:00             Welcome remarks from Tom Ginsburg & Rosalind Dixon

9:00-9:45             Session 1 – Drafting, Author: Justin Blount

Commentators: Teilee Kuong (Cambodia), HP Lee (Malaysia), Fritz Siregar (Indonesia)

9:45-10:30          Session 2 – Endurance, Author: Tom Ginsburg

Commentators: Tokujin Matsudaira (Japan), Wen-chen Chang (Taiwan), Bjoern Dressel (Thailand)

10:30-11:00        Morning tea

11:00-11:45        Session 3 –Amendment/Weak-form review, Authors: Rosalind Dixon and  Mark Tushnet

Commentators: Po-Jen Yap (Hong Kong), Madhav Khosla (India), Tokujin Matsudaira (Japan), Wen-chen Chang (Taiwan)

11:45-12:30        Session 4 – Federalism, Author: Sujit Choudhry

Commentators: Kai Tu (China), Fritz Siregar (Indonesia), Diane Desierto (Philippines)

12:30-1:30          Lunch

1:30-2:15             Session 5 – Executive, Author: Jose Antonio Cheibub

Commentators: Bjoern Dressel (Thailand), Wen-chen Chang (South Korea), Fritz Siregard (Indonesia), Diane Desierto (Philippines), Chaihark Hahm

2:15-3:30             Session 6 – Speech, Author: Adrienne Stone

Commentators: Rishad Chowdhry (India), HP Lee (Malaysia), Tokujin Matsudaira (Japan)

3:30-4:00             Afternoon tea

4:00-4:45             Session 7 – Property, Author: Tom Allen

Commentators: Rishad Chowdhry (India), John Gillespie (Vietnam), Kai Tu (China)

4:45-5:30             Session 8 – Equality, Authors: Kate O’Regan and Madhav Khosla

Commentators: Madhav Khosla (India), HP Lee (Malaysia) and Matsudaira (Japan)

8:30-9:15             Session 9 – Comparative engagement, Author: Cheryl Saunders

Commentators: Madhav Khosla (India), Wen-chen Chang (Taiwan), Fritz Siregar (Indonesia), Albert Chen (Hong Kong) and John Gillespie (Vietnam)

9:15-10:00          Session 10 – Judiciary (new chapter/adaptation of Ferreres Comella), Author: Victor Ferreres Comella

Commentators: Tokujin Matsudaira (Japan), Wen-chen Chang (Taiwan) and Chaihark Hahm (South Korea)

10:00-10:15        Morning tea

10:15-1:00          Session 11– Emergencies, Author: Oren Gross (taped), Victor Ramraj (present)

Commentators: Victor Ramraj (Singapore & Malaysia), Rishad Chowdhry (India) and Bjoern Dressel (Thailand)

11:00-11:45        Session 12 – Political Process, Author: Richard H. Pildes (taped)

Commentators: Rishad Chowdhry (India), Tokujin Matsudaira (Japan) and Wen-chen Chang (Taiwan)

11:45-12:15        Brief break/working lunch delivered

12:15-1:00          Session 13 – Religion, Author: Ran Hirschl (taped)

Commentators: Madhav Khosla (India), HP Lee (Indonesia), Diane Desierto (Philippines) and John Gillespie (Vietnam)

1:00-1:15             Concluding remarks by Tom Ginsburg & Rosalind Dixon