Conference on Cultural Imperialism

All day
Through October 8, 2016

Oct. 7

Schedule for Friday, October 7


Opening Remarks (9:00)


Judith Farquhar, Max Palevsky Professor Emeritus of Anthropology,

University of Chicago and Director of the Beijing Center


Keynote (9:15)


Marshall Sahlins, Charles F. Grey Distinguished Service Professor of Anthropology Emeritus, University of Chicago:
“Cultural Politics of Center Periphery Relations”


Coffee Break (10:30)


Session I: Twentieth Century Examples (11:00)

Stephan Feuchtwang presiding

Rachel Applebaum, Assistant Professor of History, Tufts University

“Empire of Friends: Soviet Power in Cold War Eastern Europe.”


Prasenjit Duara, Oscar Tang Professor of East Asian Studies, Duke University
“Soft power and the imperialism of nation states: The cold war transition”


Box Lunch (1:00)


Session II: Examples from a Deeper Past (2:00)

Prasenjit Duara presiding

Bruce Lincoln, Caroline E. Haskell Distinguished Service Professor of the History of Religions, University of Chicago
“Persian archers and Paradise gardens: Projecting power in the Achaemenid Empire”

Page duBois, Distinguished Professor of Classics and Comparative Literature, University of California at San Diego
“Athenian tragedies: Empire and periphery”

Michael Dietler, Professor of Anthropology, University of Chicago
“Greco-Roman cultural imperialism and the Celts: Archaeology of an entangled legacy”

General Discussion (5:00)


Banquet (7:30)


Schedule for Saturday, October 8

Session III: The Case of China (9:00)

Wang Mingming presiding


Chen Bo, Associate Professor, College of History and Culture, Sichuan University

“Zhongguo [China] as a system of relations: A case study of Tibetan tributaries to the Ming Court (1369-1644)”

Liang Yongjia. Senior Lecturer, National University of Singapore and Professorial Fellow, China Agricultural University
“Middle vs. West: The Meta-narrative of Sinocentric Scholarship”

Coffee Break (11:00)

Stephan Feuchtwang, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology, London School of Economics
“Civilisation and the Culture Project in China”

General Discussion (12:30)


Box Lunch (1:00)