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  • The Beijing DSM-5 Workshop

  • Professors Daolong Zhang, Emil Coccaro, Marie Tobin and Elliot Gershon are answering questions from audiences in Beijing Workshop, held at the Beijing Family United Hospital.

  • Professor Coccaro is presenting at the Shenzhen Workshop

  • Professor Gershon is presenting at the Beijing Workshop

  • Professor Tobin is presenting at the Beijing Workshop

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Beijng United Family Hospital


From June 15 to June 26, 2014, with the joint support from the University of Chicago Center in Beijing and Shenzhen Kangning (Mental Health) Hospital, Professors Emil Coccaro, Elliot Gershon and Marie Tobin from Department of Psychiatry University of Chicago, Daolong Zhang from VA Medical Center, and Chunyu Liu from University of Illinois at Chicago toured three cities, Shenzhen, Beijing and Nanchang, in China. They participated three workshops to introduce DSM-5, the new psychiatric diagnostic system, to Chinese psychiatrists and psychologists. In these workshops, they presented the history and future of DSM system, described the changes of criteria for major psychiatric disorders and comparisons with the other diagnostic systems. More than 400 psychiatrists or psychologists attended these workshops, and expressed strong interest learning this new diagnosis system. This is the first series of DSM-5 workshops in China provided by American psychiatrists.