Dwight Hopkins in Jinan and Beijing

All day
Through March 22, 2012

Mar. 20

Dwight N. HOPKINS, Professor of Theology and Director of M.A. Studies in the Divinity School, spoke to students in Jinan and Beijing as part of the programming for the new American Culture Exchange Center, a partnership between Shandong University and the University of Chicago, partially funded by the American Center for Educational Exchange.  The title of his talk was “United States and China: Cultural Values for Dialogue”.

In Jinan, Hopkins was hosted and introduced by FU Youde, Director, Center for Judaic and Inter-Religious Studies of Shandong University.  More than a hundred students attended his lecture.

In Beijing, GENG Youzhuang, Professor and Deputy Dean in the School of Liberal Arts of Renmin University, introduced Hopkins to a graduate level western literature class and recounted the times they’d worked together.  After his lecture on cultural values, Hopkins fielded questions from the students about American literature.