Dynamics in Biology (at Peking University)

All day
Through August 25, 2013

Aug. 23

This international biophysics conference brought together Chinese and UChicago researchers to refine plans for the following objectives, set up a strategic partnership with the Institute for Biophysical Dynamics with research centers at Peking University, establish collaboration between various laboratories at IBD and PKU as well as other Universities and Institutes in China and increase recruiting of international students and to build other relationships with PKU and Tsinghua Universities.
Location: Lecture Hall A204, College of Chemistry,

Peking University, Beijing, China


Friday, Aug. 23

8:40        Opening remark by Professor Chao Tang

8:45        Yi Rao (Peking University)  A small chemical with a tryst

9:15        Tobin Sosnick (IBD, The University of Chicago)  Design and Control of biological processes with light-sensitive proteins

9:45       Chi Wu (Chinese Hong Kong University  Our novel design of non-viral vectors for gene transfection

10:15     Tea break

10:30    Keith Moffat (IBD, The University of Chicago)  Signaling photoreceptors and optogenetics

11:00    Anthony Kossiakoff (IBD, The University of Chicago)  Delivering novel synthetic antibody therapeutics to where the action is-inside the cell

Coordinator:   Prof. Chuan He

11:45       Lunch followed by poster section

2:00        Chao Tang (Peking University)  Dynamics in Cellular Decision-making

2:30        Bozhi Tian (IBD, The University of Chicago)  Nanoelectronic probing of cellular systems

3:00       Yiqin Gao (Peking University)  A hierarchy of DNA structure changes

3:30       Tea break

3:45       Gregory Voth (IBD, The University of Chicago)  Multiscale Theory and Simulation of Biomolecular Systems: Insights and Challenges

4:15      Zhiyong Zhang (Univ. of Sci. & Tech. of China)  Investigating structural flexibility within multi-domain proteins: computational, SAXS, and NMR studies

4:45     Chengqi Yi (Peking University)  Mapping nucleotide variants in the genome and transcriptome

Coordinator:   Prof. Xing Chen

6:00         Dinner

Saturday, Aug. 24

8:45       Ruiping Xiao (Peking University)  Metabolic Syndrome: from Bench to the Bedside

9:15      Aaron Dinner (IBD, The University of Chicago)  Anomalous dynamics in intracellular transport

9:45     Xiaodong Su (Peking University)  Probing allosteric effect through DNA by single-molecule technique and structural analyses

10:15    Tea break

10:30   Luhua Lai (Peking University)  Biological network dynamics and drug discovery

11:00    Benjamin Glick (IBD, The University of Chicago)  Self-Organization of Secretory Compartments

11:30    Ruhong Zhou (IBM)  Modeling nanotoxicity: Large scale molecular modeling of nanoparticle-protein interactions and their implication in nanomedicine

Coordinator:   Prof. Xiaoyun Liu

12:00    Lunch at posters

Sunday, Aug. 25

8:45       Sunney Xiaoliang Xie (Harvard University and Peking University)  Single Cell Genomics: Life at the Single Molecule Level.

9:15      Yanyi Huang (Peking University)  Unveil cell dynamics through single-cell transcriptome analysis and label-free imaging

9:45    Greg Engel (IBD, The University of Chicago)  Mimicking design principles behind photosynthetic energy transfer:  engineering  quantum coherence

10:15    Tea break

10:30    Xiaowei Zhuang (Harvard University and Peking University)  Bioimaging at the nanoscale: Single-molecule and super-resolution fluorescence microscopy

11:00   Xinsheng Zhao (Peking University)  How fast does a mismatched base-pair in dsDNA flip?

11:30    Norbert Scherer (IBD, The University of Chicago)  Elucidating robustness and energetics of cellular function by chemical perturbation spectroscopy

Coordinator:   Prof. Tobin Sosnick

12:00       Lunch

1:30       Keynote Lecture (introduction by Prof. Xiaowei Zhuang)

Carlos Bustamante (UC Berkeley)  Intersubunit coordination and division of labor in a packaging ring ATPase

2:15     Leica Scientific Forum Lecture (introduction by Prof. Xiaoliang Sunney Xie)

Adam Cohen (Harvard University)  Bringing bioelectric phenomena to light

3:00     Xing Chen (Peking University)  Labeling and Visualizing Glycans with Specificity and Versatility

3:25      Peng Chen (Peking University)  Protein Chemistry and Engineering at the Host-Pathogen Interface

3:50      Tea break

4:00      Ning Yan (Tsinghua University)  Structural Investigation of Voltage-gated Sodium channels

4:30      Tao Pan (IBD, The University of Chicago)  Adaptive translation as a mechanism of stress response and adaptation.

5:00     Chuan He (IBD, The University of Chicago and Peking University)  Dynamic RNA Methylation in Biological Regulation

Coordinator:   Prof. Chengqi Yi

6:00  pm          Dinner

Organizers: Chuan He (Department of Chemistry) and Ka-Yee Lee (Department of Chemistry) in collaboration with Peking University.