Ghassan Salame asks: Is War Obsolete?

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Sciences Po and the University of Chicago Center in Beijing jointly hosted a lecture by Ghassan Salame, who explored the likelihood of war’s obsolescence.  A reception was held after the talk.

Ghassan Salame, is Dean of the Paris School of International Affairs, Sciences Po. He is former Senior Advisor to the Secretary-General of the UN and former Minister of Culture of Lebanon.  Ghassan Salamé is one of today’s most respected actors and observers of international affairs and conflict resolution.

Is war obsolete? What is the meaning of international security? What is the meaning of peacekeeping and peacebuilding in today’s world? “War” didn’t just disappear after the Cold War ended. We must think about war in its new forms, about the transformations it has undergone and the effects it still has on the world today. Salame discussed these issues rationally.