Graham School for Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies Continues its Partnership with CUEB

  • Christopher Guymon

  • Mary Daniels

  • CHEN Honghai

6:30–8:30 pm
The University of Chicago Center in Beijing
Culture Plaza 20th Floor
59A Zhongguancun Street
Haidian District, Beijing, 100872


Starting in 2016, the University of Chicago Graham School for Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies has partnered with Capital University of Economics and Business (CUEB) for a two-quarter, credit-bearing “Dual Certificate Program in Financial Management and the Business of Innovation”, held annually at the University of Chicago campus in Chicago. At the end of November 2018, CUEB and the Graham School collaborated to host a series of informational events about the program, with a mock lecture at CUEB’s Fengtai campus on November 22, and an information session at the University of Chicago Center in Beijing on November 28.

To give CUEB students a taste of the program’s teaching style, Charlie Sloan (MBA ’98), a lecturer in one of the program’s core courses, traveled to CUEB’s campus in advance of the November 28 information session. His presentation provided the room full of enthusiastic CUEB students with a brief overview of the program, followed by a mini-lecture on financial decision-making. Despite the fact that the presentation came in the middle of CUEB’s final examination week, the students were lively participants and many attendees lingered after the presentation to ask questions about its content, and about the program as a whole.

These students, and their parents, had a chance to gain a more comprehensive introduction to the program at the information session led by Christopher Guymon, Interim Dean of the Graham School, and Mary Daniels, Associate Dean for Bridge and Partnership Programs at the Graham School, with additional commentary provided by CHEN Honghai, Vice Dean of the School of Overseas Chinese at CUEB. Guymon and Daniels provided a full introduction to the program’s structure and goals, while Chen provided insight into how participation in the program may complement and enhance the students’ education at CUEB. Following the administrators’ remarks, a panel of four alumni from the program’s Class of 2018 discussed how the program influenced their education and career goals. Both Graham School and CUEB staff, along with the alums, remained on-site to answer prospective students’ questions after the presentation’s conclusion.