Infectious Disease Symposium

8:30 am–5:15 pm


芝加哥大学北京中心  传染病研讨会  2013年4月15日

Hospital-acquired infections are a significant cause of morbidity and mortality in the United States and China in 2013. Current challenges include multidrug resistant organisms such as MRSA and KPCs, Clostridium difficile enteric infections that are occurring with increasing incidence and severity associated with NAP-1 strains, central line associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI), ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) and preparedness for emerging infections, including influenza.  An increase in awareness and growing reports of C. Diff infections in hospitalized patients in China and the US have stimulated new interest in recent progress in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of C. Diff enteritis in both countries, as well as in new research into methods to improve hand hygiene and reduce health facility transmissions.  These topics were addressed by expert faculty from the National Institute for Communicable Disease Control and Prevention in Beijing and from the University of Chicago in the morning session that will include discussion of collaborative research and quality improvement practices related to the prevention and treatment of hospital-acquired infections.
In the afternoon session, advances in the prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS in the US and China were considered.  Under the leadership of the Division of HIV/AIDS Treatment and Care at China CDC, HIV mortality has declined dramatically, and treatment outcomes have dramatically improved.  There are new opportunities to further reduce HIV incidence and transmission with the expanded use of antiretroviral therapy earlier in the course of the disease, and for ‘pre-exposure prophylaxis’ or PrEP for individuals at risk of HIV.  Exciting advances in HIV prevention and treatment, as well as new research in HIV treatment in the US and China, will be discussed.

Conference Agenda          

“Infection Prevention in Hospitals: Research to Practice”

8:30 AM        Renslow Sherer, University of Chicago  欢迎辞  Welcome & Introduction to Symposium

8:45 AM        Ying Cheng, China CDC 传染控制进展  Infection Control Update

9:45 AM        Kathleen Mullane, University of Chicago   艰难梭菌研究进展 C. Difficile Infection Update

10:45 AM      茶歇 Break

11:00 AM      Emily M. Landon, University of Chicago  艰难梭菌预防控制 Prevention & Control of C. diff Infection

12:00 PM      午餐  Lunch

“Progress in HIV Prevention and Treatment in the US and China”

2:00 PM        Fujie Zhang, China CDC  中国2013年HIV疾控:进展与挑战 HIV in China 2013: Progress and Challenges           

3:00 PM        Renslow Sherer, University of Chicago   2013年ART作为预防手段的讨论 2013 ART for Prevention

4:00 PM      茶歇  Break

4:15 PM        Taisheng Li, Peking Union Medical College   分子流行病学及CRF01_AE亚型在中国的流行特征 Molecular Epidemiology and Characteristics of CRF01_AE Subtype in China

5:15 PM      会议结束  Adjourn

Organizers: Renslow Sherer (Department of Medicine) in collaboration with Ying Cheng at the China Centers for Disease Control