International Harper Series Presents Robert Aliber

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Currency and Trade Wars: Separating the Facts from the Rhetoric

Robert Z. Aliber, (BA, Williams College 1952; BA, Cambridge University 1954; MA, Cambridge University 1957; PhD, Yale University 1962) is Professor Emeritus of International Economics and Finance at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. His fields of expertise include asset valuation in the global context, exchange rate arrangements, asset price bubbles and the international financial system.

Professor Aliber spoke about the four waves of financial crises in the last thirty years – the most recent being the 2008 Crisis.  He emphasized that balance of payment issues are increasing tension between China and the United States and expressed his concerns about the Beijing market for housing.  The professor fielded questions on topics ranging from timing monetary meltdowns to the recent loosening of U.S. monetary policy.