Medical Education Reform and Infectious Diseases- Public Health Faculty Development Programs

8:30 am–6:30 pm
at Peking University


(This event took place at Peking University)

The Wuhan University Medical Education Reform Project and the Section of Infectious Diseases and Global Health will convene 3 workshops of 1-2 days – in 2012 and in 2013 – to showcase state-of-the-art medical education reform and global health innovations at the University of Chicago, to promote follow-on collaborations with universities and institutions in China following the successful workshops in 2009 and 2010.  The current collaboration between the University of Chicago and Wuhan University has provided an ideal incubator for the development, cultural modification, implementation of state-of-the-art medical education practices and public health/ID training from the United States in China. At the same time, WUMER offers a regular flow of expert faculty through Beijing en route from Chicago to Wuhan.


Medical Education Workshop

Organized by PUHSC & University of Chicago Center in Beijing

Time :  Monday, May 21, 2012

Place: Yifu Building 209, Peking University Health Science Center

08:30 Yang Ke, Renslow Sherer Welcome and Goals of the Meeting

08:40 Qiming Wang Medical Education Reform in China

09:10 Weimin Wang Progress in Medical Education Reform at Peking University

09:40 Scott Stern Update in Teaching Clinical Reasoning

10:10 Group photo & Break

10:30 Ying-Shing Chan Progress in Medical Education Reform at The University of Hong Kong

11:00 Aliya Husain Integrated Clinical Medicine and Basic Science in CPPT: The Pathologist’s Role

11:30 Faculty & Participants Panel Discussion

12:00 – 13:30    Lunch

13:30 Baoping Yu, Renslow Sherer Progress in Medical Education Reform at Wuhan University

14:00 Scott Stern TIME and SPACE: Progress in Medical Education Internet Tools

14:30 Chuanyong Liu Medical Education Reform at Shandong University

15:00 Break

15:20 Faculty & Participants Discussion: Medical Education Reform

15:50 Renslow Sherer & Faculty Future Directions for International Medical Education Collaborations

16:20 Adjourn


时    间:2012年5月21日(周一)

地    点:北京大学医学部逸夫教学楼209报告厅

主办单位:北京大学医学部 & 芝加哥大学北京中心

08:30柯杨, Renslow Sherer 大会开幕及致辞



09:40 Scott Stern 美国临床思维培养的教学现状

10:10 合影&茶歇


11:00 Aliya Husain CPPT课程中临床医学与基础医学的整合: 病理学家的角色

11:30全体人员 专题讨论

12:00 午餐

13:30余保平, Renslow Sherer 武汉大学医学教育改革情况介绍

14:00 Scott Stern TIME and SPACE: 医学教育中的互联网工具的进展

14:30刘传勇 山东大学医学教育改革情况介绍

15:00 茶歇

15:20全体人员 专题讨论

15:50 Renslow Sherer&全体人员 国际医学教育合作的前景

16:20 大会闭幕

Organizers: Renslow Sherer (Department of Medicine) and Scott Stern (Department of Medicine) in collaboration with Peking University Health Science Center.