Mini-Symposium for Biology Research Metcalf Interns in China

All day


The University of Chicago Center in Beijing hosted the second annual Metcalf Interns Research in China Mini-Symposium, the concluding event of this year’s Undergraduate Summer Science Research in China program. Two students in the College did research at Peking University-affiliated labs this summer in Beijing while other interns worked in labs in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

At the Mini-Symposium, a video-conference event involving the program teaching assistant in Chicago and Beijing, Hong Kong and Taiwan interns, biological science research interns presented final reports and possible future directions for the research project on which each worked. The research program paired each UChicago student intern with a Chinese professor mentor and a research group, with which the student developed a research topic and experiment designs. In their presentations, the students discussed research methods, motivations for their research topic and data and results that they acquired through experimentation in the lab.

Organizer: Wei-Jen Tang (Ben-May Department for Cancer Research)