New Year’s Alumni Dinner

6:00–9:30 pm


校友们受邀前来参加芝加哥大学2014年新年联欢会,共同回顾既往,展望未来。芝加哥大学校长罗伯特•锦穆尔先生出席,与大家共襄盛会。中央电视台英语频道《对话》节目主持人兼制片人杨锐先生到会演讲。问答环节结束后,校友Jerry Li献唱歌曲;Shan Jin带领大家通过游戏增进交流。

Alumni were invited to attend the University of Chicago 2013 New Year’s party to review the past and discuss the future. UChicago President Robert J. Zimmer welcomed guests in person, with Host & Managing Director Yang Rui of CCTV English Channel’s Dialogue giving the main presentation.  After a Q&A session, alumnus Jerry Li sang a song and Shan Jin (MBA ’02) led a group game.

Organizers: The University of Chicago Beijing Alumni Club

(Photos by Xingyu Tong)