Novel Quantum States in Condensed Matter

Pavel Wiegmann, University of Chicago, and YANG Chen Ning, PhD 1948

All day


The conference focused on the theoretical and experimental works on the study of novel quantum states in materials and cold atomic gases. Topics included topological phenomena in electronic physics, symmetries and states in the fractional quantum Hall effect, physics of graphene and correlated atomic states. Historically, some of these topics have been developed independently, but in recent years a great convergence has emerged. All these novel states have fundamental significance for physics, material science and nanoscience as well as potential applications in electronics and quantum information technology. The workshop brought together experts in these fields from the United States, Korea, Japan and from the broader academic community in China to discuss the unifying themes behind different concepts.

Organizers: Pavel Wiegmann, Woowon Kang, Ilya Gruzberg, Cheng Chin, in collaboration with the China Academy of Sciences and Peking University.

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