Past Events: 2016

Chinese Judicial Reform: The State of Play

All day
Through December 16, 2016
University of Chicago Center in Beijing & Peking University Law School

Dec. 15

Co-organized with Peking University Law School, the 2-day conference focused on the current state of judicial reform in China -- at a time when, by outward appearances, strengthening the judiciary seems to be a higher priority for the central leadership than perhaps at any other time in the past thirty years.  The topics discussed include judicial institutions, including the selection, training and promotion of judges; craft values and judicial transparency; lay participation; and the creation of specialized jurisdictions.  One panel was focused on administrative litigation – judicial review of government action – as a particularly illustrative case study.

The Center hosted a public forum on December 8, 2016, titled "A Dialogue Between Wang Min'an (Capital Normal University) and Zhang Xu (Renmin University of China) on Continental Philosophy in China".  The forum was moderated by Professor Geng Youzhuang from Renmin University of China. The Center director, Professor Judith Farquhar, initiated this very successful forum, which drew quite a large audience.

欧陆哲学在当代中国: 汪民安和张旭的对话。2016年12月9日下午2时,芝加哥大学北京中心邀请您前来参与首都师范大学汪民安和中国人民大学张旭教授之间的一场关于“欧陆哲学在当代中国”的公开论坛,对话由中国人民大学耿幼壮教授主持。

GECEM Workshop: Quantitative Economic History and Open Science in China and Europe

2:00–5:30 pm
The University of Chicago Center in Beijing


Upcomming workshop on Quantitative Economic History and Open Science in China and Europe

The goal of this symposium is to promote clinical and scientific collaborations and exchanges between physicians and scholars at the University of Chicago and institutions in China by leveraging our combined patient resources, educational strengths and trainee interests.

Understanding the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

Analytics of quality and safety by radiologists and administrators from the University of Chicago Department of Radiology and Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH). 

Medical Anthropology and Medical Humanities Research Methods Workshop

All day
Through October 30, 2016

Oct. 25

Center Director Judith Farquhar and Beijing Health Sciences Center Colleague Lili Lai convened the Second Medical Anthropology and Medical Humanities Research Methods Workshop in Kunming between October 25th and 30th , 2016.  The workshop was primarily sponsored by and paid for by the Yunnan University of Chinese Medicine on their large new campus southeast of Kunming. Co-sponsors were the Beijing Center and the Peking University Medical Humanities Institute.  Twenty-five young researchers in medicine, public health, anthropology, medical ethics, and the humanities were selected from almost 200 applications to spend five intensive days working together to refine research methods.  Formal lectures were offered by collaborators Farquhar and Lai, as well as by Prof. Bai Zhihong of Yunnan University Department of Anthropology; Prof. Yu Xinzhong, a medical historian from Nankai University; Prof. Susan Shaw, an anthropologist of community health from the University of Arizona; Prof. Gao Zhiying, of Yunnan University’s Anthropology Department;  Prof. Barry Saunders, an MD/PhD from Social Medicine at the University of North Carolina; and Prof. Li Li, an anthropologist who teaches at Yunnan Normal University.  In addition to lectures, much of each day was spent working in small groups designing social research on medicine and health questions and refining and practicing the field methods appropriate to this research.  In the opening ceremony Judith Farquhar was named a Visiting Professor at Yunnan University of Chinese medicine.

 The 2nd Sino-American Symposium on Pathology of Inflammatory Bowel Disease and the 1st Workshop on Gastrointestinal Pathology
Co-organized by University of Chicago Medicine, Peking University Center of Pathology, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Wuhan University Center of Pathology, and the China Crohn's & Colitis Foundation. 

Conference on Cultural Imperialism

All day
Through October 8, 2016

Oct. 7

Scholars from he United States, the United Kingdom, and China had a discussion about cultural imperialism and soft power.

The University of Chicago Institute for Molecular Engineering (IME) and Zhejiang University of China co-organized this workshop on wather research to examine closely on the cutting-edge wather treatment technologies. 

Hepatocellular Carcinoma

All day
Through September 17, 2016

Sep. 16

20 Years after the Milan Criteria – Legacy and Future and Academic Skills Workshop

The DSM-5-based Diagnosis and Treatment Forum was successfully held at the University of Chicago Center in Beijing attended by over 120 doctors and practioners from across the country.

This workshop convened to plan a conference to be held next year, in conjunction with a future exhibition on the Buddhist cave temples of Tianlongshan (located near Taiyuan City, Shanxi province). Next year’s  conference will explore new approaches and perspectives on of the art of Buddhist cave shrines in the Tang dynasty especially as they relate to transformations in the wider cultures of art production, patronage, and Buddhist practice. The conference will be part of the UChicago Center for the Art of East Asia’s Tianlongshan Caves Project, which was initiated in 2013 to carry out research on and digital imaging of the caves and their sculptures.

The University of Chicago School of Social Service Administration is partnering with Peking University and Hong Kong Polytechnic University to launch a new collaborative exchange program that will promote the development of a rigorous social work profession and infrastructure, tackling the most challenging social issues in the PRC.

Neuroscience is going through an extraordinary phase of transformation. With the development of many new tools, it is finally possible to directly manipulate neural circuits in specific ways and to elucidate circuit function. At the same time, it is also increasingly recognized that many of the neurological and psychiatric disorders can be characterized as aberrant synaptic connections in specific circuits that lead to specific and predictable behavioural abnormalities based on circuit functions. These new advancements will have important implications for therapy as preventing and reversing such aberrant synaptic plasticity could be used as effective therapeutic approaches. With treatment of most neurological and psychiatric disorders still relying on decades old medications, new therapeutic approaches are urgently needed. However, there is still a vast gap between modern neural circuit research and translational research that mainly focuses on molecular targets. The purpose of this meeting aims to close such a gap.

Since the presidency of William Rainey Harper, the University of Chicago has cultivated a powerful and distinct identity marked by intellectual rigor, merit, and free debate.

The goals of this conference were to raise awareness of mental health issues and improve the health of global citizens affected by mental illness through collaborative efforts with our international partners. The conference aim to promote education, implement interventions, and cultivate research towards advancing global mental health.
促进跨学科循证干预精神疾病: 合作策略,北京2016年8月 本次会议的宗旨是提高对精神疾病的意识,并通过与国际伙伴的协作努力以提高全球受 心理疾病困扰公民 的整体健康。我们的目标是促进教育,落实措施,加强心理健康领域 的研究。 我们介绍的内容包括前沿的科研成果和技术,精神卫生教育和培训及有效社区干预的临床应用。 精神及神经行为科学作为芝加哥大学的一个分枝, 我们将分享我们 机构的使命,通过加强在中国的合作伙伴关系,以寻求超越国界的知识探索,促进心理健 康领域的发展。

2016 Beijing Pre-Orientation Program

All day
Through September 4, 2016

Aug. 19

In Mid-August, 13 students traveled to Beijing to participate in the inaugural Beijing Pre-Orientation Program. The program spanned two weeks and gave the newly admitted students the chance to take part in UChicago-style classes while getting to know other students from the new incoming class.

Reception for the donation of Bingyi's Ink Painting River in a Swan to the University of Chicago Center in Beijing in honor of Professor Wu Hung.

This was a joint alumni club event. Professor Charles K. Armstrong's talk was titled "How North Korea Manages to Maneuver Between Much More Powerful Countries, Appearing to Defy International Norms."

The Sixth Chinese Political Sociology Workshp

All day
Through July 22, 2016

Jul. 20

The event was co-organized by the Department of Sociology, Renmin University of China and The University of Chicago Center in Beijing. The 2016 Chinese Political Sociology Workshop has been held for six years. 

Jul. 18

This 2-week intensive onsite programe offered students the opportunity to hone their critical thinking, reading, writing, and discussion skills that are essential parts of an education at selective U.S. universities and colleges.

On June 29th, 2016, Dali Yang, Professor in the Department of Political Science, held an hour-long talk focusing on some of China’s top environmental issues. Afterwards, summer language students attended an information session for the Schwarzman Scholars Program. 

2016 Wanxiang Ambassador Program

All day
Through June 30, 2016

Jun. 27

In June 2016, 40 University of Chicago students traveled to China to participate in the 4th year of the Wanxiang Ambassador Fellows Program. The program is focused on professional development and is co-organized by the Office of Career Advancement and the Wanxiang Corporation.

International Symposium on Comparative Intellectual History: Russia and China

All day
Through June 27, 2016
Capital Normal University & University of Chicago Center in Beijing

Jun. 25

This three-day-long seminar aimed to make an initial contribution to recuperating a vibrant intellectual history not only in regard to understanding a vital period of mutual influence and interaction in the intellectual history of the twentieth century, but also in regard to the understanding of the kind and quality of knowledge that intellectual history can produce.

China in recent decades has undergone dramatic development and transformation. Some has referred to the patterns and practices of Chinese development in this decade as the “China Model.” Others, however, have contested the utility of such a concept but nonetheless find it imperative for scholars and practitioners to understand the varieties and dynamics of Chinese development experiences. This workshop explored these various topics.

A conclusion to the 2016 OCAT Institute Annual Lectures—Wu Hung Space in Art History, this well-attended one-day event featured a number of Chinese scholars in the field of art history and visual archaelogy.  The dialogue among them as well as with the audience is said to be inspiring.   

Cervantes in China in his 400th Anniversary

All day
Through June 22, 2016

Jun. 21

Along with talks on Cervantes and how to teach his works in China, the event included workshop sessions that promoted further cooperation between the participating universities.

Led by Professor Wu Hung, this lecture series considered the possibility of establishing a new methodology in the study of art history.  Wu Hung is the Harrie A. Vanderstappen Distinguished Service Professor of Art History, East Asian Languages and Civilizations, and the College; Director, Center for the Art of East Asia; Consulting Curator, Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago. 

2016 Shanghai International Conference on Electrical Injury

All day
Through June 19, 2016
Shanghai Power Hospital

Jun. 18

The 2016 conference focused on scientific and clinical advances in electrical trauma management. Subjects covered professional prevention and safety, biomarkers and diagnostic imaging of tissue Injury, neurological and neuropsychological consequences of electrical injury, wound management and reconstruction, fluid resuscitation, rehabilitation, molecular mechanics of cell membrane electroporation, metabolic energetics, etc. It was described as “a real learning experience for everyone”. It was the first time that three major electrical trauma research groups, opened during the 19th Century, gathered together. The groups were CETRI, EDF and Shanghai Power Hospital.

John Braithwaite
Australian National University
Co-Sponsored with Peking University Law School

This conference brought together leading Chinese and U.S. scholars, government officials, and practitioners in Beijing in June 2016 to discuss the different authorities and responsibilities that different levels of government do and should have in environmental governance in China and the United States.

The International Symposium for Innovation-Driven Development

All day
Through June 15, 2016
Sun Yat-sen University

Jun. 13

The symposium, a collaboration between Sun Yat-sen University and the University of Chicago, took place at the vibrant Guangdong Province where Sun Yat-sen University is located.  Attended by international and Chinese scholars as well as Chinese provincial and local officials, the symposium disscuessed important topics around how to build an innovative ecological environment to promote the growth of the Pearl River Delta and innovation-driven development for the country as a whole. 
2016年6月13-14日, 中山大学与芝加哥大学联合举办的创新驱动发展国际研讨会在中山大学南校区举行! 活动旨在为国内外政、学、商等各界人士提供高端交流平台, 探索如何打造珠三角创新生态环境以及中国创新与社会发展的真知灼见.

This two day conference was a Chicago workshop-style discussion organized by leading American and Chinese scholars. With the expansion of social media and the internet, social network analysis of online behavior is an area expanding rapidly in Asia, Europe, and North America. It is an area in which the University of Chicago has historical and expanding strength -- social network analysis the historical strength in sociology, and online behavior an expanding strength via the University's Computation Institute. More, social network analysis of online behavior is an area of budding collaboration across the disciplinary divide between computer science and the social sciences.

Group Relations Conference

All day
Through May 29, 2016

May. 26

Authority and Leadership in Recovery from Mental Illness and Addiction.  The conference is the second one succeeding the first that took place in spring 2014. 

Chicago Conversations | Racing Unicorns: Entrepreneurship in China

7:00–9:30 pm
The St. Regis Beijing 北京瑞吉酒店


The audience was able to meet a panel of successful, multi-sector entrepreneurs and investors, who discussed issues and their own experiences in China's expanding entrepreneurial landscape.

May. 19

Dream Corps held its 2016 Summer Volunteer Program at the University of Chicago Center in Beijing from May 19 to May 21, 2016.

As Vietnam finds its place on the global stage, physical intimacy has become a vital form of currency in its economic relations. To write her book Dealing in Desire: Asian Ascendancy, Western Decline, and the Hidden Currencies of Global Sex Work, sociologist Kimberly Kay Hoang worked as a bartender and hostess for five years in Ho Chi Minh City. The result is an ethnographic study of the stratified sex industry, taking an in-depth and often personal look at sex workers and their clients.

Admissions representatives from UChicago, Vanderbilt and Johns Hopkins presented an information session for prospective students and their families. The session included a brief overview of each institution and information about the highly selective admissions process.

Gathered by renowned editors of international medical journals and experts in the academic publishing, speakers of this symposium shared their best practice in creating academic journals with international impact.  Rules and important factors to be respect to in order to create such journals were also discussed thoroughly.  此次研讨会聚集国际医学期刊的资深编辑以及学术出版领域的精英,分享创办富有国际影响力学术期刊的经验,讨论相关规范和重要因素。

This performance, featuring a work first performed at the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, combined elements of music, dance and the visual arts.  Tthis performance gave the audience in China a connection to Chicago and the U.S.  The performance included graduate student musicians of Peking University.

Organized by WU Hung, (Art History) and OCAT

Organized By Dali YANG (Political Science)

University of Chicago Alumni and friends gathered for a breakfast event – hosted by the Center – featuring John Flavin, Executive Director of the Chicago Innovation Exchange (CIE) at the University of Chicago. The event focused on how entrepreneurship is being fostered in Hyde Park and what students and alumni can do to get involved. During the Q&A, participants discussed the state of entrepreneurship in and around China. During his time in China, John Flavin also gave a keynote speech at the 2016 Sino-US Entrepreneurs Forum, held in Qingdao City, Shandong Province.

Apr. 5

Faculty from the University of Chicago, the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Seoul National University, Stanford University, Harvard University and Occidental College met for this symposium.  Faculty Leader: Robert Chaskin (Social Services). 

Representatives from Argonne National Laboratory signed a Memorandum of Understanding with two Chinese institutions at the University of Chicago Center in Beijing.

On March 27th, 2016 the UChicago Center in Beijing hosted a reception for students admitted to the University of Chicago.

Mar. 25

The overarching theme of the conferences was that surgery is much more than a technical discipline. There are many life and death issues that arise in surgery where it is critical for the surgeon to be sensitive to the ethical dimensions of the decisions that are made.

Organizers from UChicago and China discussed plans for the September 2016 conference on Tianlongshan.

This event discussed the pathophysiology and current management of diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema.

Graduate students from the Harris School of Public Policy at the University of Chicago visited the UChicago Beijing Center at the beginning of a week-long exchange trip

Hosted by the University of Chicago Beijing Center, this event was intended as a media release of the “Report on the State of Children in China” as well as an occasion for child welfare researchers and policy specialist to exchange ideas and identify policy research cooperation opportunities to further the interests of children in China.

Program representatives shared information on the Arts & Sciences Summer Program. This 2-week intensive program offered students the opportunity to hone their critical thinking, reading, writing, and discussion skills, which are essential parts of an education at selective U.S. universities and colleges.

University Architect Steven Wiesenthal gave a talk on the most impactful period of University of Chicago campus development since its founding in 1890. He illustrated how the University of Chicago has been designing innovative buildings and landscapes that, in its 125th anniversary year, have begun to enhance the campus as both a uniquely inspiring intellectual destination and also the premier model of an outwardly engaging urban research university.

The University of Chicago Center in Beijing participated in a live-stream event hosted by the The Social Enterprise Initiative at Chicago Booth’s Hong Kong campus.Th event featured a panel discussion with entrepreneurs working on social and environmental issues.