Past Events: 2020

Oct. 23

The UChicagoGRAD office has organized two separate sessions on communicating helpful resources for international graduate students during this time, namely one session catered primarily for the community of graduate students from China, who are stressed by the combination of current events (COVID, US-China relations, visa issues, unrest in Chicago), and a second session for all international graduate students.

Virtual Info Session for Chinese Applicants

Oct. 9

The University of Chicago Center in Beijing creates a base for University of Chicago faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates in China, serves as a gathering space for alumni throughout Asia, and acts as a resource for Chinese researchers and students. To support the educational efforts of students and with the approval of the UChicago leadership, the University of Chicago Center in Beijing is open for student study use by appointment between the hours of 10am to 6pm, Monday to Friday (excluding national holidays). In compliance with the pandemic preventive policy and protocol of the University and local government, we require all students to wear face masks and keep a social distance of 6 feet (1.83 meters) when present at the Center.
All currently registered students, undergraduate and graduate, are eligible to apply for space (cubicle, desk or lecture rooms) for individual or group study purposes at the Center. Please contact the Center for more information.

Critical Conversations with Economists

8:30–9:30 pm
Virtual Seminar


Peking University and BFI-China at the University of Chicago will host a monthly virtual lecture series to convene renowned economists from each institution for lectures on modern economics, including economic growth, financial markets, technology innovations, and international relations.

Meet Your UChicago Admissions Counselor Information Session

8:00–9:00 pm
Virtual Information Sessions


You are invited to a virtual "Meet Your Admissions Counselor" Information Session presented by your regional Admissions Counselor!

The accelerating pace of innovation and the COVID-19 pandemic bring both disruptions and unprecedented opportunity to the financial industry. Join this fintech webinar to hear the latest insights from leading academic and industry leaders on how the changing global market, regulatory environment and technological advancements are influencing the outlook for fintech, and how financial firms maneuver amid the new normal.

The webinar is jointly presented by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and The University of Chicago as part of a joint effort to share ideas and promote international partnership.

The Coase-Sandor Global Lecture Series

Through September 24, 2020

Sep. 10

The Coase‐Sandor Institute for Law and Economics is hosting a series of advanced lectures in Law and Economics, featuring the cutting‐edge work of its faculty. The Fall 2020 Global Lectures Series will take place over five dates, September 10–24. All lectures are open to any interested party.

Corporate Social Responsibility Revisited

All day
Through September 11, 2020
Virtual Conference

Sep. 10

How has CSR changed since Milton Friedman ignited the debate 50 years ago?

The coronavirus pandemic is a crisis unlike any other in recent times. As employees try to ride out this unprecedented crisis, they are stressed and anxious - about what lies ahead: professionally, personally and the state of the world. Even at the best of times, employees crave support, direction and guidance from their managers, who often fall short as coaches that empower and enable. Today more than ever, we need leaders that coach, empower, and provide direction, meaning, and support when employees need it the most. How can you help your employees find their own path amidst so much uncertainty? How can you help them prioritise, and navigate these choppy waters?

Graduate Admissions Information Sessions

Through September 22, 2020
Virtual Information Sessions

Aug. 18

Considering applying to UChicago for a graduate degree? UChicago Graduate Admissions will be offering webinars on applying to programs at UChicago throughout the summer and fall. 

Enormous challenges and opportunities emerge for today’s China as the world is stranded in an unprecedented global crisis. Join Zhiguo He to examine how the visible and invisible hands of China’s economy will guide it through.


Join us for a conversation on COVID-19 and US-China Relations with Professor Dali L. Yang, William C. Reavis Professor of Political Science and Senior Advisor to the President and the Provost at the University of Chicago.

This Wednesday, join leaders from the University of Chicago for a webinar to hear more information on the University's plans to support our international students for Autumn Quarter 2020.

PKU-UChicago International Policy in Action Lab (IPAL) Program 2020

All day
Through July 24, 2020
Peking University

Jul. 13

The PKU-UChicago International Policy Action Lab program offers top global students and young professionals an unforgettable two-week experience.

The 533rd Convocation will take place virtually on Saturday, June 13, at 9:15 a.m. This is a University-wide ceremony involving degree candidates from all divisions and schools. During the ceremony, the University President Robert J. Zimmer will confer degrees to all candidates.

本期讲座,赫克曼教授及其团队将从经济学角度分享他在中国的儿童早期发展项目的研究情况(China Reach),讨论如何通过提高早期儿童教育投入,提升各类技能,从而减少社会不平等性,促进社会流动。同时,赫克曼教授还将分享世界其他国家成功的早期儿童教育项目相关情况。

As the bubonic plague made its way westward from China in the 14th century, Christians, Muslims, and Jews in its path thought anxiously about what practices of public health and of piety might save them. In the 21st century, as COVID-19 spreads (much more rapidly) around the globe, we see similar debates over public health and religion. In this virtual Harper Lecture, Divinity School dean David Nirenberg will compare his research on reactions to the Black Death in the Middle Ages with the results of polling on religion and COVID in the United States today.

Join the IOP as we welcome U.S. Ambassador to China and former Governor of Iowa Terry Branstad for a conversation on the COVID-19 pandemic and leadership in times of crisis. Dr. Elizabeth Economy, C.V. Starr Senior Fellow and Director, Asia Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, will moderate the discussion and will explore the role of U.S. diplomacy during the COVID-19 outbreak, and Ambassador Branstad’s advice for careers in public office and leadership roles.

The COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated the profound inequalities underpinning institutional and social structures the world over, reflected not only in which populations have suffered the brunt of infections and mortality, but also in its far-reaching social and economic disruptions. To what exent have the pandemic and governments' responses to it reflected and reproduced differential access to citizenship rights across different societal groups -- from access to health care and policies to mitigate economic distress, to the ability to engage in civil, political, and social life? As the brunt of this pandemic has now come to be felt most acutely in the Americas, join us for a conversation with advocates and activists from Cali, Chicago, and Port-au-Prince about the impact of COVID-19 on their cities, and the strategies to support affected communities.

Please join us and your fellow alumni at the next Happy Hour, featuring special guest Balaji (Bala) Srinivasan, Executive Vice President for Science, Innovation, and Strategy, Chief International Officer of The University of Chicago, to hear the latest university developments and updates especially for Asia.

This pilot webinar will feature the work being done in the current pandemic by medical faculty at the University of Chicago Bucksbaum Institute for Clinical Excellence and will be held in partnership with the UChicago Centers in Beijing and Delhi and the University of Chicago Francis and Rose Yuen Campus in Hong Kong.

University of Chicago and Chicago Booth Asia Forum

All day
Through February 16, 2020
The Hong Kong Jockey Club University of Chicago Academic Complex | The University of Chicago Francis and Rose Yuen Campus in Hong Kong

Feb. 15

The University of Chicago and Chicago Booth Asia Forum brings together alumni, world-renowned faculty, and industry leaders to discuss critical topics affecting professionals throughout Asia, including business and economics, humanities, science, and more.

Nov. 4

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