Past Events

Previous University of Chicago Center in Beijing Conferences and Events are listed below. Click on an event for more information.

Leading academics from universities in China, the United States and Europe met to discuss some of the pressing issues facing China’s workforce and population today – including children and human capital, the effects of exogenous shock, crime, gender in the workforce and sex ratios in the population.

Sustainable happiness is a timely and important topic.  While improvement in wealth can temporally increase consumers’ subjective well-being, such increase is often transient due to raising expectation and hedonic adaptation.

In this conference, a multidisciplinary effort was employed to dissect China’s growth and transformation centered on considerations of property rights.

Chicago Booth co-hosts events with our worldwide Chicago Women in Business Alumnae Network (CWIBAN) each year. 

How will law evolve in the next decade? Technological developments, population growth, inter-communal violence, climate change, resource scarcity, economic volatility– these are just some examples of uncertainties related to globalization that impact life in today’s world. These challenges will fundamentally test our traditional ideas of law and governance in the 21st century.  The Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law (HiiL), the University of Chicago Beijing Center, Sciences Po Paris and La Trobe University have asked legal experts from various countries to comment on scenarios proposed by HiiL and to provide think pieces about what they think will happen based on their area of expertise.

This workshop allowed participants to present their research and to plan an international collaborative project (Chicago-Beijing-Tel Aviv) to develop a multilingual (English, Chinese, Hebrew) and cross-cultural “Online Cultural Heritage Research Environment” (OCHRE) that uses advanced information technology for the purpose of data integration, spatially accurate 3-D visualization and agent-based simulations of ancient socioeconomic and ecological dynamics.

Chicago-Beijing Infectious Disease Symposium

All day
Through April 13, 2011
The University of Chicago Center in Beijing

Apr. 11

University of Chicago hosted a conference on Infectious Disease on April 11 to 13 at the University of Chicago Center in Beijing. Faculty physicians from the University of Chicago School of Medicine, their counterparts from leading Beijing hospitals and medical centers were present. Practicing healthcare professionals and students had the chance to learn, network and collaborate.

Worldwide Booth Night: Introducing Dean Sunil Kumar

All day
The University of Chicago Center in Beijing


Sunil Kumar, Booth School Dean and Professor of Operations Management, spoke to University of Chicago alumni and guests in Beijing about the school’s strengths and weaknesses as well as his goals and aspirations for Booth.

Sciences Po and the University of Chicago Center in Beijing jointly hosted a lecture by Ghassan Salame, who explored the likelihood of war’s obsolescence.  A reception was held after the talk.


University of Chicago Center in Beijing Executive Director Beth Bader introduced moderator David Daokui Li and forecasters Anil Kashyap, Morgan Sze and Randall S. Kroszner at the Booth School's Business Forecast 2011 event.

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