PKU-UChicago Joint Lecture Series 2021: Organic/Organometallic Chemistry

Through August 20, 2021
Virtual Event

Jul. 16

Organic molecules play critical roles in human society, making up drugs, agrochemicals, materials, fuels, health supplements, food additives and household chemicals. Our world not only constantly needs new organic molecules with previously unknown or improved function, but also requires more efficient and environmentally friendly processes for their preparation. Organic chemistry is a fundamental discipline that studies syntheses, properties, and applications of organic molecules. As a core subject, organic chemistry provides foundations for a diverse range of research areas, including (but not limited to) drug discovery, molecular biology, chemical biology, petroleum and environmental chemistry, material science and molecular engineering. Despite the great advancement in the past decades, organic chemistry remains a fast-growing field. Organic chemists are continually looking for more efficient methods or strategies that can streamline synthesis with minimal wastes and energy costs, or novel small and large molecules that exhibit unique functions.

Join us for the second annual PKU-UChicago Joint Lecture Series: Organic/Organometallic Chemistry. Each event in the series will feature a lecture by a University of Chicago professor and Peking University professor, delineating their current research efforts. The lecture will conclude with audience Q&A.

Lecture 1 | Jul. 16 9:00 am (Beijing Time) / Jul. 15 8:00 pm (Chicago Time)

Guangbin Dong (UChicago)
New Directions in Palladium/Norbornene Cooperative Catalysis
Dahui Zhao (PKU)
Studying the Aggregate Structures and Properties by Fine-tuning the Molecular Structures

Lecture 2 | Jul. 23 9:00 am (Beijing Time) / Jul. 22 8:00 pm (Chicago Time)

Anna Wuttig (UChicago)
Mechanism-Guided Control of Electrocatalytic Reaction Selectivity
Fanyang Mo (PKU)
Single Molecular Reaction Dynamics

Lecture 3 | Jul. 28 9:00 am (Beijing Time) / Jul. 27 8:00 pm (Chicago Time)

Mark Levin (UChicago)
Advancing Single Atom Logic for Skeletal Editing
Wenliang Huang (PKU)
f-Block Metal-arene Interactions: From Inverse Sandwiches to Redox Chemistry

Lecture 4 | Aug. 6 9:00 am (Beijing Time) / Aug. 5 8:00 pm (Chicago Time)

Stuart Rowan (UChicago)
Developing New Adaptive and Responsive Polymeric Materials
Xiaoguang Lei (PKU)
Translational Natural Product Research

Lecture 5 | Aug. 13 9:00 am (Beijing Time) / Aug. 12 8:00 pm (Chicago Time)

John Anderson (UChicago)
Bifunctional Ligand-Based Storage of Protons and Electrons for Challenging Reactivity and Catalysis
Rong Zhu (PKU)
Catalyst bifurcation enabled synthesis: from olefin hydrofunctionalization to acetylenic polymerization

Lecture 6 |  Aug. 20 9:00 am (Beijing Time) / Aug. 19 8:00 pm (Chicago Time) Register

Scott Snyder (UChicago)
Strategies and Tactics for the Rapid Synthesis of Alkaloids
Zhixiang Yu (PKU)
Invention and Application of Transition Metal Catalyzed Ring Formation Reactions