Precise Treatment for Tumors: Medication and Surgery, and Academic Development Conference

All day
Through September 15, 2018
The University of Chicago Center in Beijing
Culture Plaza 20th Floor
59A Zhongguancun Street
Haidian District, Beijing, 100872

Sep. 14

Conference Sponsors:


Peking Union Medical College Hospital

Hepatobiliary Surgery and Nutrition (HBSN)

AME Publishing Company

University of Chicago Global Surgery

University of Chicago Department of Surgery

University of Chicago Center in Beijing


Conference Chairs:


J. Michael Millis, M.D.

Yilei Mao, M.D., Ph.D.

Haitao Zhao, M.D. Ph.D.


Friday, September 14


1:00 - 1:05 PM

Welcome and Introductions

J. Michael Millis, MD

Professor of Surgery

Vice-Chair of Global Surgery

University of Chicago, USA


Session I

Precision Medicine



Haitao Zhao, MD, PhD

Founder and Sponsor of 919 Tumor Precision Medicine Public Welfare Foundation

Ten Thousand Talent Program (Leading Academic)

PUMC Hospital

Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Beijing, China


1:05 – 1:35 PM

Keynote Speech

Targeting the Genomic Diversity of Colorectal Cancer

Tanios Bekaii-Saab, MD, FACP

Professor, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science

Program Co-Leader, GI Cancer, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center

Medical Director, Cancer Clinical Research Office (CCRO)

Senior Associate Consultant, Mayo Clinic AZ, USA


1:35- 2:05 PM

Analysis and application of precision medicine in patients with hepatobiliary cancers in China

Kai Wang, MD, PhD

CEO, OrigiMed Inc, Shanghai, China


2:05 – 2:35 PM

Precision Medicine Decision Support

Funda Meric-Bernstam, MD

Chair, Department of Investigational Cancer Therapeutics

Medical Director, Institute for Personalized Cancer Therapy (IPCT)

Professor, Divisions of Cancer Medicine and Surgery, MD Anderson Cancer, USA


Session II

Genomic Therapy



Simon Robson, MD, PhD, FRCP

Charlotte F. & Irving W. Rabb Professor of Medicine

Director of Gastrointestinal Department

BIDMC, Harvard Medical School, USA


2:35 – 3:05 PM

Targeted therapies in Biliary Cancer

Milind Javle, MD

Professor, Tenure Track, Department of Gastrointestinal (GI) Medical Oncology

Division of Cancer Medicine, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA

Chair, International Cholangiocarcinoma Research Network (ICRN)


3:05-3:35 PM

Genomic heterogeneity and translating molecular classification to clinical benefit in Gastric Cancer

Samuel J Klempner, MD

Director of Precision Medicine and GI Oncology

The Angeles Clinic and Research Institute

A Cedars-Sinai Affiliate, USA


3:35 – 3:50 PM



Session III


Moderator – J. Michael Millis, M.D.
Professor of Surgery
Vice – Chair for Global Surgery
University of Chicago

3:50 – 4:20 PM

Tailoring Therapies for Gastro- Intestinal Malignancies
Mitchell C. Posner, M.D

Thomas D. Jones Professor of Surgery
Chief, Section of General Surgery
Chief, Surgical Oncology
Physician-in-Chief, Comprehensive Cancer Center
University of Chicago


4:20- 4:50 PM

Precision Medicine in HCC

Haitao Zhao, MD. PhD


4:50 – 5:20 PM




Speakers and Organizers leave for Dinner


Saturday, September 15


Session IV

Modifying Hosts and Diseases



Yilei Mao, MD, PhD

Professor, Department of Liver Surgery

Peking Union Medical College Hospital, PUMC, Beijing, China

Deputy Chair of the Chinese Society of Liver Surgeons


8:45-9:15 AM

Keynote Speech

Genomic alterations in diseases (TBD, via Skype)

Matthew L. Meyerson, MD, PhD

Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School

Director of the Center for Cancer Genome Discovery

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, USA



Modifying Colonic Bacteria to reduce the risk of Colon Cancer recurrence 

Ashley Williamson, M.D.

Surgical Resident

University of Chicago



Liver Transplantation for liver cancer in China

Jian Zhou, TBD

Zhongshan Hospital

Fudan University, Shanghai, China



Significance of preoperative sarcopenia in liver surgery

Toshimi Kaido, MD (Outstanding Contribution Award (HBSN))

Division of Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic and Transplant Surgery

Department of Surgery

Department of Surgery

Kyoto University, Japan



Liver transplantation for HCC

Nobuhisa Akamatsu, MD (Outstanding Reviewer Award (HBSN))

Artificial Organ and Transplantation Surgery Division

Department of Surgery

Graduate School of Medicine

University of Tokyo, Japan


12:15- 1:15PM



Session V



Mitchell C. Posner, M.D.

Thomas D. Jones Professor of Surgery
Chief, Section of General Surgery
Chief, Surgical Oncology
Physician-in-Chief, Comprehensive Cancer Center

University of Chicago


1:15 – 1:45 PM

Decoding the clinical heterogeneity of colorectal liver metastases by characterization of tumor-associated immune cells

Matteo Donadon, MD, PhD (Outstanding Reviewer Award (HBSN))

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Department of Hepatobiliary & General Surgery

Humanitas University, Humanitas Clinical and Research Center, Italy



Anti-CD39 Immunotherapy

Simon Robson

The Hepato-Biliary and Pancreatic Surgical Unit

Nouvel Hopital Civil (NHC), France



Role of the ICG fluorescence during a hepato-biliary surgery

Fabrizio Panaro, MD, PhD

Professor of Surgery

Division of HBP and Transplantation Surgery

Montpellier University Hospital-School of Medicine, France





Session VI

Academic and publishing skills



J. Michael Millis, MD



Importance of Laboratory Time During Residency

Ashley Williamson, M.D.

Surgical Resident

University of Chicago



How to make a good presentation and write many articles

Toshimi Kaido, MD



Academic Development Talk title TBD

Mitchell Posner, M.D.

Thomas D. Jones Professor of Surgery
Chief, Section of General Surgery
Chief, Surgical Oncology
Physician-in-Chief, Comprehensive Cancer Center
University of Chicago


4:30-5:00 PM

How to write a manuscript as a non-English speaker

Nobuhisa Akamatsu, MD


5:00-5:30 PM

Discussion and Closure