Second Chinese Political Sociology Workshop

Through July 20, 2012

Jul. 18

On July 18-20, the University of Chicago Center in Beijing hosted the Second Chinese Political Sociology Workshop. Following up on the success of the First Chinese Political Sociology Workshop in 2011, the Center in Beijing hosted over 160 participants from 25 mainland Chinese provinces, as well as Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Singapore, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Denmark. The participants, selected from an applicant pool of over 500 candidates, examined state-making and nation-building in China.

Many prominent professors convened to present and collaborate on ideas as well as mentor the large group of rising scholars. From the University of Chicago, Professor Dingxin Zhao and Professor Elisabeth Clemens of the Department of Sociology delivered keynote speeches on the first day of the conference. From Renmin University, Professor Shizheng Feng delivered a presentation on state and administration, and also closed the conference with Professor Zhao. Outside of these two universities, John A. Hall of McGill University, Ho-fung Hung of Johns Hopkins University, Jing Zhang of Peking University, Yanfei Sun of Columbia University and other leading scholars of the field also gave lectures on state building, administration, development, and identity.

China represents an interesting case in its pattern of the state-formation and nation-building. Ever since the founding of the Qin Empire in 221 BCE, China has been ruled by powerful empires for most of the time.  In a country with a strong state tradition such as China, it is very easy to understand that the key to understanding China’s future development lies in a good understanding of the state, particularly its modern state-making and nation-building process. With China’s population size, economic and military capacity, and large territory, whatever direction China is going to head in will affect the world in fundamental ways.

Wednesday, July 18

8:00           Registration

8:30           Dingxin Zhao, University of Chicago — Opening

Session One: State Building in the West. Moderated by Dingxin Zhao, University of Chicago

8:45           John A. Hall, McGill University — Nations, States, and Empires: An Exploration of the Pattern of Europe’s Past

9:45           Q & A

10:25         Elisabeth Clemens, University of Chicago — Civic Nation: Voluntarism and the Making of the American People and the American State

11:25         Q & A

11:45         Summary & Conclusion

12:05         Lunch

Session Two: State Building in China, Moderated by Ho-fung Hung, Johns Hopkins University

14:00         Dingxin Zhao, University of Chicago — China’s Long Twentieth Century: Confucian – Legalistic Empire and its Unfinished Coerced Modernization

15:00         Q & A

15:40         Group Discussion

18:00         Workshop Dinner

Thursday, July 19

8:00           Registration

Session Three: From Empire to Modern State, Moderated by Dingxin Zhao, University of Chicago

8:30           Ho-fung Hung, Johns Hopkins University — China’s State-Building in the Longue Duree, Eighteenth to Twentieth Century

9:10           Q & A

9:30           Jing Zhang, Peking University — Cultural State and Political State

10:10         Q & A

10:50         Yang Zhang, University of Chicago — “Bureaucrats” in the Bureaucratic State of Late Imperial China

11:30         Q & A

11:50         Summary & Conclusion

12:10         Lunch

Session Four: State and Identity, Moderated by Shizheng Feng, Renmin University of China

14:00         Yi Wang, University of Chicago — Across the Western Pass: Han Migration and State Building in Inner Mongolia during the Late Qing

14:40         Q & A

15:00         Tao Hua, Nanjing University — “The Definition of Hui” in Republican China and Chinese Communist Party’s “The Problem of Huihui”

15:40         Q & A

16:20         Yanfei Sun, Columbia University — Nation Building and Religious Change in Modern China

17:00         Q & A

17:20         Summary and Conclusion

Friday, July 20

8:00           Registration

Session Five: State and Administration, Moderated by Jing Zhang, Peking University

8:30           Jingdong Qu, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences — Project-based Administration: A Rising Regime of Governance in China

9:10           Q & A

9:30           Xufeng Zhu, Nankai University — Expert Involvement in Policy Changes in Contemporary China

10:10         Q & A

10:50         Shizheng Feng, Renmin University of China — Governing through Campaigns: The Case of “In Agriculture Learn from Dazhai” in the Maoist Era

11:30         Q & A

11:50         Summary & Conclusion

12:10         Lunch

Session Six: State and Socioeconomic Change, Moderated by Jingdong Qu, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

14:00         Tianbiao Zhu, Peking University — Flexible State, Compressed Development and China’s Economic Miracle

14:40         Q & A

15:00         Dan Mao, Zhejiang University — The State’s Logic in Rural China: The Possibility from Domination to Regulation

15:40         Q & A

16:20         Yucheng Liang, Sun Yat-Sen University — State Making and the Transgenerational Mobility in Contemporary China

17:00         Q & A

17:20         Summary & Conclusion

17:40         Dingxin Zhao, University of Chicago and Shizheng Feng, Renmin University of China — Wrap-up and Closing Remarks


7月18日 星期三

8:00          签到

8:30          会议开幕 — 赵鼎新教授致欢迎词并介绍讲习班背景

专题一        西方的国家建构, 主持人:赵鼎新

8:45          民族、国家与帝国: 关于欧洲历史模式的一个解释, 演讲者: John A. HALL

9:45          提问及讨论

10:25        公民国家:志愿精神与美国民族及国家的形成, 演讲者: Elisabeth S. CLEMENS

11:25        提问及讨论

11:45        总结

12:05        午餐

专题二        中国的国家建构, 主持人: 孔诰烽

14:00        漫漫的二十世纪: 中国儒法帝国的被动现代化, 演讲者: 赵鼎新

15:00        提问及讨论

15:40        小组讨论

18:00        会议晚宴


7月19日 星期四

8:00          签到

专题三        从帝制到现代国家, 主持人: 赵鼎新

8:30         长时段视野下的中国国家建构,18~20 世纪, 演讲者: 孔诰烽

9:10         提问及讨论

9:30         文化国家与政治国家, 演讲者: 张静

10:10       提问及讨论

10:50       谁是官僚?再思晚期帝制中国的官僚制, 演讲者: 张杨

11:30       提问及讨论

11:50       总结

12:10       午餐

专题四       国家与认同, 主持人: 冯仕政

14:00       走西口:汉人塞外移民与晚清国家建构, 演讲者: 王怡

14:40       提问及讨论

15:00       民国时期的“回族界说”与中国共产党的《回回民族问题》, 演讲者: 华涛

15:40       提问及讨论

16:20       千年未有之变局:政教关系转型与宗教变迁, 演讲者: 孙砚菲

17:00       提问及讨论

17:20       总结


7月20日 星期五

8:00         签到

专题五       国家与行政管理, 主持人: 张静

8:30         项目制: 一种新的国家治理体制, 演讲者: 渠敬东

9:10         提问及讨论

9:30         当代中国政策变迁中的专家参与, 演讲者: 朱旭峰

10:10       提问及讨论

10:50       国家运动与社会治理:以“农业学大寨”运动为例, 演讲者: 冯仕政

11:30       提问及讨论

11:50       总结

12:10       午餐

专题六       国家与社会经济变革, 主持人:渠敬东

14:00       灵活型国家、挤压型发展与中国的经济奇迹, 演讲者: 朱天飚

14:40       提问及讨论

15:00       国家的农村逻辑:从统治走向规制的可能性, 演讲者:毛丹

15:40       提问及讨论

16:20       当代中国的政治更替与社会地位的跨世代传承, 演讲者: 梁玉成

17:00       提问及讨论

17:20       总结

17:40       会议闭幕 — 赵鼎新, 冯仕政


Elisabeth S. CLEMENS

Professor & Chair, Department of Sociology, The University of Chicago
Research Interests: Organizations, Political Sociology.
John A. HALL

James McGill Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology, McGill University
Research Interests: Nations, States and Empires; Nationalism and War; the Economic Consequences of the Size of Nations; Sociological Theory.

Ho-fung HUNG (孔诰烽)

Associate Professor, Department of Sociology, Johns Hopkins University
Research Interests: Global Political Economy, Contentious Politics, Nationalism, Social Theory.
Yanfei SUN (孙砚菲)

Research Fellow / Lecturer, Society of Fellows / Department of Sociology, Columbia University
Research Interests: Sociology of Religion, Social Movements, Social Change, Historical Sociology.
Yi WANG (王怡)

Ph.D., Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, The University of Chicago
Research Interests: Social History of Qing and Republican China, Frontier History, Migration, Nationalism, Religion.

Dali L. YANG (杨大利)

Professor, Department of Political Science, The University of Chicago
Research Interests: Comparative Politics, Chinese Politics, Political Economy.
Yang ZHANG (张杨)

PhD. Candidate, Department of Sociology, The University of Chicago
Research Interests: Historical Sociology, Political Sociology, Social Theory, Rebellion and Revolution.
Dingxin ZHAO (赵鼎新)

Professor, Department of Sociology, The University of Chicago
Research Interests: Social Movements, Nationalism, Comparative Historical Sociology, Social Change and Economic Development.

冯仕政 (Shizheng FENG)

副教授、副院长,中国人民大学社会与人口学院社会学系 / Associate Professorm & Associate Dean, School of Sociology and Population Studies, Renmin University of China
研究兴趣:政治社会学、集体行为与社会运动、国家建构与国家运动、信访制度 / Research Interests: Political Sociology, Social Movements, State Building and Political Campaigns in Post-1949 China, China’s Petitioning System.
华涛 (Tao HUA)

教授,南京大学历史系 / Professor, Department of History, Nanjing University
研究兴趣:中国西北民族史、中外关系史及中国伊斯兰教史 / Research Interests: History of the People in Northwest China, History of Chinese Foreign Affairs, History of Islam in China.

梁玉成 (Yucheng LIANG)

副教授、副系主任,中山大学社会学与社会工作系 / Associate Professor & Deputy Head,Department of Sociology and Social Work, Sun Yat-Sen University
研究兴趣:社会分层与社会不平等、中国社会转型研究、社会学量化研究方法 / Research Interests: Social Stratification and Social Inequality, China’s Social Transformation, Quantitative Social Research.
毛丹 (Dan MAO)

教授、副院长,浙江大学公共管理学院 / Professor & Associate Dean, School of Public Administration, Zhejiang University
研究兴趣:农民与农村研究、中国基层社会与政治 / Research Interests: Peasant and Countryside Studies, Grassroots Society and Politics in China.
渠敬东 (Jingdong QU)

研究员、副院长,中国社会科学院社会发展战略研究院 / Professor & Deputy Director, National Institute of Social Development, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
研究兴趣:社会理论、社会学史、组织社会学 / Research Interests: Social Theory, History of Sociology, Sociology of Organization.

张静 (Jing ZHANG)

教授,北京大学社会学系 / Professor, Department of Sociology, Peking University
研究兴趣:政治社会学、法律社会学、社会转型与变迁 / Research Interests: Political Sociology, Sociology of Law, Social Change and Transformation.
朱天飚 (Tianbiao ZHU)

副教授、副院长,北京大学政府管理学院;副主任,北京大学欧洲研究中心 / Associate Professor & Associate Dean, School of Government; Associate Director, Centre for European Studies, Peking University
研究兴趣:国际与比较政治学、国际与比较政治经济学、发展的政治经济分析 / Research Interests: International and Comparative Politics, International and Comparative Political Economy, Political Economy of Development.
朱旭峰 (Xufeng ZHU)

教授,南开大学周恩来政府管理学院 / Professor, Zhou Enlai School of Government, Nankai University
研究兴趣:政策过程理论、公共政策分析(环境政策及科技政策)、社会转型与社 会分层 / Research Interests: Theories of Policy Process, Public Policies on Environment and Science & Technology, Social Transformation and Stratification.

Organizers: Dingxin Zhao, The University of Chicago (Department of Sociology), in collaboration with the Department of Sociology at Renmin University in China.