Seminar on Human Cultures and Transcendent Meaning

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In an age of global interaction, countries and civilizations are increasingly collaborating and colliding. This seminar addressed this topic with a focus on cultural differences and the human quest for enduring and transcendent meaning.  The main topics the presenters addressed were twofold. First is an examination of comparative human values from three primary sources: the Western traditions; Chinese thought; and the African-American worldview (Professor Hopkins). Second is an examination of basic human goods, the diversity of cultural values, and the question for a workable global ethics (Professor Schweiker).  The conversationwas  enlivened by two responses from Renmin University of China scholars (Professor Li and Professor Yao). The overall purpose of the seminar was to equip scholars and students with the conceptual and theoretical tools to interpret the dynamic interplay between human cultures and transcendent meaning.

Organizers: Dwight Hopkins (Department of Divinity); William Schweiker (Department of Divinity); Li Binquan (Renmin University of China); Yao Xinzhong (Renmin University of China).