Shandong University Memorandum of Understanding

  • Deputy President Wang Qilong signed the MOU on behalf of Shandong University with Vice-President David Greene representing the University of Chicago.

  • The University of Chicago delegation looks at the plan of Qingdao campus expansion from the ocean side of the plot.

  • The University of Chicago delegation was shown a giant crystal manufactured at Shandong University.

  • A visit to the Shandong Museum was part of the tour.

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The University of Chicago signed a memorandum of understanding with Shandong University.  This MOU will further collaborations in paleontology, social sciences and religious studies as well as providing a foundation for an American Cultural Center at Shandong run jointly by the two universities.

Shandong University’s website also reported that a range of academic exchanges is contemplated:

“根据山东大学与芝加哥大学合作谅解备忘录,两校将在山东大学合作设立美国文化中心,中心将开展有关美国历史和文化、美国文学、英语语言培训和教学法等公 共活动以及相关课题的合作研究;此外,两校将共同开拓学者、学生交流项目,并在古人类学、考古学、政治学、经济学和犹太教研究等领域开展学术交流与科研合 作。”

The main campus of Shandong University is located between Beijing and Shanghai at Jinan, the capital of Shandong Province.  With more than 95 million people, the province is more populous than Germany and Shandong University, a quarter of whom are enrolled in graduate programs.  Like several large American state university systems, Shandong has several campuses, with a major expansion planned for the beach at Qingdao.