The 3rd Beijing-Chicago Workshop on Detector R&D, Future Colliders, and Cosmology

All day
Through March 10, 2015

Mar. 9


The University of Chicago (UChicago), U.S.A.

The Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IHEP/CAS), China



Yifang Wang, Ph.D., Professor, CAS, Director, IHEP

Young-Kee Kim, Ph.D., Professor of Physics, UChicago


Following the success of the Beijing-Chicago Workshops on Detector R&D held in 2012 and 2013, the 3rd in this series will take place at the University of Chicago Center in Beijing, the Institute of High Energy Physics and theChinese Academy of Sciences in March 2015. The original theme of the Workshops focuses on the forefronts of advancing novel technologies in radiation detection, a critically important area interfacing basic physics R&D to many applied disciplines and industrial applications ranging from medicine to manufacturing. Held in June/2012 and June/2013 respectively, the Frist and Second Workshops were very productive in exchange of information related to the latest innovations and new R&D findings, discussions and planning of potential collaborative areas and joint grant applications, and enabling multiple working visits to and other focused working meetings in both Beijing and Chicago. It is generally believed that we should leverage these initial successful outcomes and continue to build additional momentum by holding additional Workshops and this year future colliders and cosmology will be added to enrich the workshop based on the common interest of researchers from both the U.S. and China.




Working Groups

WG1: Detector R&D, co-chaired by Long Wei / Yuekun Heng (Beijing) and Chin-Tu Chen (Chicago)

WG2: Future Collider Concepts, co-chaired by Xinchou Lou (Beijing) and Young-Kee Kim (Chicago)

WG3: Future Cosmology, co-chaired by Xinmin Zhang (Beijing) and John Carlstrom (Chicago)


Day 1, Monday, March 9, 2015 at the UChicago Center in Beijing

9:00 am – 12:00 pm (Plenary) – Overviews, Collaborations, and Goals of the Workshop – Chair: Young-Kee Kim (Venue: Lecture Hall)

9:00 am              Welcome / About the Workshop

Yifang Wang, IHEP

Chin-Tu Chen and Young-Kee Kim, UChicago

WG1 – Progresses towards the Original Goals of the Detector R&D Workshop

9:15 am              Beijing’s Perspectives (12’) – Yuekun Heng, IHEP

9:30 am              Chicago’s Perspectives I (6’) – Marcel Demarteau, Argonne

9:40 am              Chicago’s Perspectives II (6’) – Ted Liu, Fermilab

WG2 – Future Collider Concepts

9:50 am              Overall Status and Accelerators (20′) – Yifang Wang, IHEP

10:20 am            Group photo & Coffee break

10:40 am            Physics (15′) – LianTao Wang, UChicago

11:00 am            Detectors (15′) – Yuanning Gao, Tsinghua Univ.

WG3 – Cosmology

11:20 am             Overview of CMB-S4 (15′) – John Carlstrom, UChicago/Argonne

11:40 am             Ali CMB experiment (15′) – Meng Su, IHEP

12:00 pm             Lunch at the UChicago Center in Beijing

Note: Vegetarian bento


1:30 pm – 5:30 pm (Breakout) – Developing Areas of Collaboration

Agenda for WG1 Breakout Session (Venue: Lecture Hall)

Co-chaired by Long Wei / Yuekun Heng (Beijing) and Chin-Tu Chen (Chicago)

1:30 pm               Introduction – Chin-Tu Chen and Long Wei, Yuekun Heng

Presentations (Chair: Yuekun Heng)

1:40 pm               Applications of Silicon Photomultipliers in Medical Imaging and Radiation Detection (15’) – Yingjie Wang, IHEP

2:00 pm               Medical Imaging Det

ector R&D in Chicago (15’) – Chien-Min Kao, UChicago

2:20 pm              The Central Detector of JUNO (15’) – Zhonghua Qin, IHEP

2:40 pm              The Status of R&D on 20 Inch MCP-PMT (12’) – Sen Qian, IHEP

2:55 pm              Status of Liquid Scintillator for JUNO (12’) – Boxiang Yu, IHEP

3:10 pm              Coffee Break


Presentations (Chair: Chin-Tu Chen)


3:30 pm              Overview of Imaging Calorimeters (15’) – Jose Repond, Argonne

3:48 pm             Progress of CsI(Na) Dark Matter Search Experiment (15’) – Xilei Sun, IHEP

4:06pm              Updates on the Tracking Trigger R&D for HL-LHC (12’) – Ted Liu, Fermilab

4:21 pm              Detector R&D at Argonne (12’) – Marcel Demarteau, Argonne

4:36pm               Progress of the Pixel Detector Readout Electronics for Synchrotron Radiation (12’) – Wei Wei, IHEP

4:50 pm             Discussions on potential collaborations

Agenda for WG2 Breakout Session (Venue: Big Classroom)


Co-chaired by Xinchou Lou (IHEP) and Young-Kee Kim (UChicago)

1:30 pm               Introduction – Xinchou Lou and Young-Kee Kim

Presentations (Chair: Young-Kee Kim)

1:40 pm              Overview on CEPC and its Design Study (20′) – Huiping Geng, IHEP

2:10 pm              R&D Issues on CEPC/SPPC (20′) – Ping He, IHEP

2:40 pm              Detector Simulation and FPA Algorithm (20′) – Manqi Ruan, IHEP

3:10 pm              Coffee Break

Presentations (Chair: Xinchou Lou)

3:30 pm              Physics Cross Sections around 240 GeV (20′) – Xin Mo, IHEP

4:00 pm              Higgs Precisions at CEPC (20′) – Yaquan Fang, IHEP

4:30 pm              Discussions on physics, accelerator concepts, and detector concepts

Agenda for WG3 Breakout Session (Venue: Small Classroom)


Co-chaired by Xinmin Zhang (Beijing) and John Carlstrom (UChicago/Argonne)

1:30 pm               Introduction – Xinmin Zhang and John Carlstrom

Presentations (Chair: Xinmin Zhang)

1:40 pm              (TBD) (15’) – Juan Estrada, Fermilab

2:00 pm             Recent Progress on CMB (15’) – Junqing Xia, IHEP

2:20 pm             PWV measurement at Ali station (15’) – Liyong Liu, NAO

2:40 pm             Current Status on LAMOST (15’) – Yongheng Zhao, NAO

3:00 pm             Discussions (Chair: John Carlstrom)

3:10 pm              Coffee Break

6:00 pm             Banquet



Day 2, Tuesday, March 10, 2015 at IHEP


9:00 am – 12:00 noon (Breakout) – Developing Areas of Collaboration


Agenda for WG1 & WG2 Breakout Sessions (WG1, WG2 joint meeting) (Venue: Room C305)

Presentations (Chair: Xinchou Lou)

9:00 am              3D IC Technology (10’) – Ted Liu, Fermilab

9:15 am              The Silicon Tracking Detector for CEPC Experiment (10’) – Yunpeng Lu, IHEP

9:30 am              TPC for CEPC (10’), – Huirong Qi, IHEP

9:45 am              Outer Detectors for CEPC (Calorimeters, Muon Detector) (10’) – Tao Hu, IHEP

10:00 am            Detector Magnet for CEPC (10’) – Zi’an Zhu, IHEP


Agenda for WG3 Breakout Session (Venue: Room A623)

Presentations (Chair: Xinmin Zhang)

9:00 am              21cm Probe of Dark Energy (15’) – Xuelei Chen, NAO

9:20 am              CDEX and JinPing Underground Laboratory (15’) – Qian Yue, Tsinghua Univ.

9:40 am              Discussion on potential collaborations

10:15 am            Coffee Break (Venue: Outside Room C305)

10:40 am            Breakout Session


WG1 meeting: Imaging Detector R&D (Chair: Long Wei)

(Venue: Room A415)

10:40 am            Progress of ns Time Resolved X-ray Detector based on APD (15′) – Peng Liu, IHEP

11:00 am             Discussion on potential collaborations


WG2 meeting, Chair: Harry Weerts (Venue: Room A419)

10:40 am            Discussion on CEPE detectors

WG3 Breakout Session, Chair: John Carlstrom (Venue: Room A623)

10:40 am            Discussion on potential collaborations


12:00pm             Lunch (Note: Lunch box)


1:00pm – 4:00pm (Plenary) – Outcome of Breakout Sessions and Future (Venue: Room C305)

Chair: Yifang Wang

1:00 pm              WG1 Conclusion

1:30 pm              WG2 Conclusion

2:00 pm              WG3 Conclusion

2:30 pm              Round-Table Discussions for Future Collaborations

3:30 pm              Closing Remarks

5:30 pm              Dinner


(Photos by Yuxuan Li)