The Beijing-Chicago Workshops on Detector R&D 2013

All day
Through June 21, 2013

Jun. 20

After the successful First Beijing-Chicago Workshop on Detector R&D in June 2012, the Second Workshop continued to establish highly productive R&D collaborations in detector technologies, led by scientists from Beijing and Chicago. In addition to the participants of the first Workshop, the Second Workshop featured additional participants from University of Chicago, Fermilab, Argonne, Institute of High Energy Physics, Peking University, Tsinghua University  and other institutions in China and the U.S., in order to enhance the strengths of the planned Beijing-Chicago Consortium for advancing detector R&D. The ultimate impact of the workshop series aims to enable a wide spectrum of detector applications to benefit our daily life and society in general.

Workshop Agenda

Thursday, June 20  (at the UChicago Center in Beijing)

9:00    Session 1: Opening Remarks

9:20   Session 2: Superconducting Acceleration

Harry Weerts (ANL):Superconducting RF for the Future of the Field

Weimin Pan (IHEP):Progress of Superconducting Cavities on China ADS in IHEP

10:20              Discussion I

10:35              Coffee Break

10:45              Session 3: Crystal R&D                                  

Xilei Sun (IHEP):CsI(Na) Research for Dark Matter Experiment

Adam Para (FNAL):Crystal EM Calorimetry for Intensity Frontier / Directional Dark Matter Detection

11:45              Discussion II

12:00              Lunch

13:00              Session 4: Large-Scale Facilities Based R&D

Erik Ramberg (FNAL):High Intensity Research at Project X

Yuekun Heng (IHEP):The Central Detector Design of Jiangmen Neutrino Observatory

Zelimir Djurcic (ANL):Opportunities for Collaboration in Neutrino Projects

14:30              Discussion III

14:50              Coffee Break

15:05              Session 5: Data Acquisition & Electronics                                  

Wei Wei (IHEP):Preliminary Results of the Readout ASIC of Silicon Pixel Detector R&D for BAPS

Tiehui Ted Liu (FNAL):Opportunities for R&D on Trigger and DAQ for HL-LHC

Zhenan Liu (IHEP):Review and Prospect on TDAQ Collaboration

16:35              Discussion IV                                  

17:00              Reception

Friday, June 21 (at the Institute of High Energy Physics/CAS)

9:00                Session 6: Photomultiplier R&D

Henry Frisch (UChicago via internet):The LAPPD Collaboration: The Development of Large-Area Psec Timing, Prospects and Applications  

Sen Qian (IHEP):Performance Test of 8-Inch MCP-PMT

10:00              Discussion V

10:20              Coffee Break

10:30              Session 6A: Photomultiplier R&D

Paolo Privitera (UChicago):Photon Detectors for Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays – Coherent Neutrino Scattering Detection with CCDs at Daya Bay

Ping Chen (Xian Institute of Optics and Mechanics, CAS):Theoretical Design of 20-Inch Diameter Spherical PMT Based on 4 MCPs

Marcel Demarteau (ANL):Photocathode research / Large-Area PMT’s / 3DIC X-ray Detectors

12:00              Discussion VI

12:15              Lunch

13:15              Session 7: Detector R&D in Medical Imaging

Yingjie Wang (IHEP):Progress of Position Sensitive Detector Based on Silicon Photomultipliers

Heejong Kim (UChicago):Time-of-Flight PET Research and Development at the University of Chicago

Xiubo Qin (IHEP):Non-Single Crystal Scintillation Materials for X-Ray and Gamma-Ray Detector

Chin-Tu Chen (UChicago):New Opportunities for Collaborations in Medical Imaging

15:15              Coffee Break

15:30              Discussion VII

16:00              Final Discussion and Closing Remarks


Organizers: Young-Kee Kim (Department of Physics), Chin-Tu Chen (Department of Radiology and Medical Physics), and Yifang Wang (Institute of High Energy Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences), in collaboration with Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, Peking University, and Tsinghua University