The Sixth International Conference on Ancient Tomb Art 第六届古代墓葬美术研究国际学术会议

Through August 17, 2019
University of Chicago Center in Beijing
20th Floor, Culture Plaza
59A Zhong Guan Cun Street
Haidian District, Beijing

Aug. 15

The Sixth International Conference on Ancient Tomb Art

Organizers:    Center for the Art of East Asia, University of Chicago

                    School of the Humanities, Central Academy of Fine Arts

                     Center for Visual Studies, Peking University

Assistant Organizer:Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House

Venue:  University of Chicago Center in Beijing

Time:  August 15-17, 2019

Language: Chinese

About the Conference

The conference is the sixth (and the last in this series) in a sequence of conferences held biennially on the art of tombs, the longest and most deeply rooted ritual art tradition in pre-modern China. This is a vital and growing field of study both in the sense of the increasing materials available from archeological activity and in the multi-disciplinary scholarship that it has inspired.

Chinese tomb art possesses the richest archaeological information, extending over the longest temporal duration and geographical span of any of the world’s art traditions. As a synthetic visual system, its components include architecture, objects, painting, sculpture, decoration, burial equipment, calligraphy, clothing, and the treatment of the body. Supported by major archeological discoveries in recent decades, the study of ancient Chinese tomb art has expanded into an international arena. Because of this, the Peking University, the Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Center for the Art of East Asia at the University of Chicago have organized an initiative to address these cultural materials in a series of international conferences to be held China. Subjects of research include both general historical trends and specific cases; at the same time, there is strong interest growing in analytical and interpretative methods. The purpose of this conference, like the five before it, is to provide an international and multi-disciplinary platform for increased scholarly communication and understanding based on evidential research, as well as serious reflection and discussion of analytical methodologies. It is hoped that the combination of these two directions will help further develop this field.

The project for collaborative scholarly research and sharing of information was introduced in 2009. The two chief organizers of the first International Conference on Ancient Tomb Art were Wu Hung, representing the Center for the Art of East Asia at the University of Chicago, and Zheng Yan, representing the School of Humanities at the Central Academy of Fine Arts. After the first conference a meeting of the participants decided to develop a biannual series of conferences to provide a regular channel for scholarly exchanges in this emerging field of interdisciplinary study and for publication of the resulting papers. The first volume of papers resulting from the 2009 conference was released by Wenwu (Cultural Relics) Press, the best Chinese publisher of ancient art and archaeology, just in time for the conference of 2011.

The organizers of the 2011 conference, like the sequence of conferences afterwards represent three major academic institutions, University of Chicago, Peking University, and the Central Academy of Arts. In addition to Wu Hung and Zheng Yan, the chief organizers also include Professor LaoZhu (Zhu Qingsheng), Director of the Center of Visual Studies at Peking University.









时间:2019年8月15 -17日



第六届古代墓葬美术研究国际学术会议将于2019年8月15 -17日在芝加哥大学北京中心举办。该会议每两年举办一次,今年是第六届。也是这个系列会议的最后一届。墓葬美术是传统中国历时最久、植根最深的一个礼仪美术传统。随着考古材料不断涌现以及综合学科成果的启迪,墓葬美术已经成为一个非常重要并且不断发展壮大的研究领域。





日程 Schedule


9:00-9:30 开幕式 Opening Ceremony

主持人: 刘冠               (北京大学汉画研究所)

Moderator: LIU Guan        (Han-art Institute, Peking University)

9:00-9:10           巫鸿教授致开幕词,并阐述本次会议主旨

Opening Address: Prof. Wu Hung

9:10-9:20           湖南美术出版社柳刚永副社长致辞

Address: Mr. LIU Gangyong, The Deputy Director of Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House

9:20-9:30           合影

Group Photo

第一场 Section 1:          


Moderator: LaoZhu (ZHU Qingsheng), HE Xilin

1.  两周墓随葬青铜编钟管见

A New Sight on the Bronze Chian-bells Buried for the Tombs in the Shang and Zhou

苏荣誉                 (中科院自然科学技术史研究所)

SU Rongyu(Institute of History of Natural Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences)


10:00-10:15 评议、讨论    Discussion

2.  马王堆一号汉墓帛画三题

Three Topics on Silk Painting of Mawangdui Tomb No.1

韦正                      (北京大学)

WEI Zheng            (Peking University)


10:45-11:00  评议、讨论    Discussion

11:00-11:15 茶歇      Tea Break

3.  东汉人形木牍与镇墓符箓

A Human-shaped Wooden Slip and Tomb-quelling Talismans of the Eastern Han Dynasty

陈亮                   (维也纳大学)

CHEN Liang         (University of Vienna)


11:45-12:00  评议、讨论    Discussion

4.  方相寻踪

The Traces of Fangxiangshi

练春海                    (中国艺术研究院)

LIAN Chunhai             (Chinese National Academy of Arts)


12:30-12:45  评议、讨论    Discussion

12:50 -14:00  午餐(仅受邀嘉宾)    Boxed Lunch(Invited Guests Only)


第二场  Section 2              


Moderator: SU Rongyu, LI Qingquan

5.   大英博物馆藏汉代人像砖柱出土时地与性质功能

The Burial Context and Function of the Human-Shaped Brick Pillar from the Han Dynasties in British Museum Collections

霍宏伟                     (中国国家博物馆)

HUO Hongwei                    (National Museum of China)


14:30-14:45  评议、讨论    Discussion

6.  从相关个案探讨汉代建筑图像研究方法

Research Methodology on Architectural Image of the Han Dynasty with Cases Study

刘冠                             (北京大学)

LIU Guan              (Peking University)


15:15-15:30 评议、讨论    Discussion

15:30-15:45 茶歇     Tea Break

7.  凝固之气:博山炉形名再思考

Solidified Qi Clouds: A Reinterpretation of the Form and Name of Boshan Incense Burner

张涵墨                    (中国人民大学国学院、澳门大学)

ZHANG Hanmo             (National Academy, Renmin University of      China / University of Macau)


16:15-16:30 评议、讨论    Discussion

8.  汉代墓葬的观念结构和形相逻辑——和林格尔壁画墓再认识

Conceptual Structure and Image Logic of Tombs in Han Dynasty: Rethinking Tomb Helinge'er

朱青生                    (北京大学)

LaoZhu (ZHU Qingsheng)     (Peking University)


17:00-17:15  评议、讨论    Discussion

17:15-18:00    自由讨论    Free Discussion



第三场  Section 3             


Moderator: Bonnie Cheng, WEI Zheng     

9.  升仙还是成佛?—北魏平城时期丧葬空间的营造理念

To be Immortal or Buddha? —the Concept of Burial Space at the Capital of Earlier North Wei Dynasty (4th century)

李梅田              (中国人民大学历史文化学院考古系)

LI Meitian          (Department of Archaeology, School of History & Culture, Renmin University of China)


9:30-9:45 评议、讨论    Discussion

10.  北齐娄叡墓墓道壁画再思考

Reconsideration about the Murals in the Tomb Tunnel of Lou Rui, the Northern Qi Dynasty

郑岩                    (中央美术学院)

ZHENG Yan          (The Central Academy of Fine Arts)


10:15-10:30 评议、讨论    Discussion

10:30-10:45 茶歇     Tea Break

11.  砖上的“画框”:试论襄阳南朝画像砖墓的年代问题

Frame on the Brick: A Discussion on the Age of the Brick-Chambered Tombs in Xiangyang

莫阳               (中国社会科学院考古研究所)

MO Yang        (Institute of Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)


11:15-11:30 评议、讨论    Discussion

12.  何嗟夭壽——李静训墓的情感表达

“Alas, how sad it is that your life was truncated”—Emotion in the Li Jingxun Tomb

林伟正            (芝加哥大学艺术史系)

Wei-Cheng Lin      (Department of Art History, The University of Chicago)


11:45-12:00 评议、讨论    Discussion

13.  唐燕妃墓屏风壁画相关问题的讨论

Study about the Murals of Screen in the Tomb of Yan Concubine,Tang Dynasty

贺西林                    (中央美术学院)

HE Xilin             (The Central Academy of Fine Arts)


12:30-12:45  评议、讨论    Discussion

12:50 -14:00  午餐(仅受邀嘉宾)    Boxed Lunch(Invited Guests Only)


第四场  Section 4                     


Moderator: LI Meitian, LI Yuhang

14.  山西壶关上好牢1号墓话语逻辑的再考察——以相扑图和杂剧演乐图为核心

Whoes Story Is It?: Re-contexualizing A Tomb at Shanghaolao, Huguan, Shanxi Province, by Focusing on Two Subject Maters of Murals from It

李清泉              (广州美术学院艺术与人文学院)

Li Qingquan     (School of Arts and Humanities, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts)


14:30-14:45  评议、讨论    Discussion

15.  山西壶关上好牢宋墓的装饰、色彩与空间研究

Research on the Decoration, Color and Space in the Tomb of the Song Dynasty in Shanghaolao Village, Huguan, Shanxi

李路珂                  (清华大学)

LI Luke             (Tsinghua University)


15:15-15:30 评议、讨论    Discussion

15:30-15:45 茶歇     Tea Break

16.  何以为古?——从北宋吕大临墓出土的一对石敦谈起

How to Return to the Ancients and Present the Past?--Examples from A Pair of Stone Dui Excavated in the Tomb of Lv Dalin

胡译文     (中央美术学院)

HU Yiwen    (The Central Academy of Fine Arts)


16:15-16:30 评议、讨论    Discussion

17.  镜像:湖南长沙“刘氏七娘”镜研究

Mirror Images: A Study of the Liu Qiniang Mirror from Hunan Changsha

徐胭胭                (湖南工业大学)

XU Yanyan      (Hunan University of Technology)


17:00-17:15  评议、讨论    Discussion

18.  金扇:明代墓葬与中日交流

Golden Fan:Ming Dynasty Tomb and China-Japan Exchange

吴雪杉        (中央美术学院)

WU Xueshan    (The Central Academy of Fine Arts)


17:45-18:00  评议、讨论    Discussion

18:00-18:45    自由讨论    Free Talk



第五场  Section 5                 


Moderator: Wei-Cheng Lin, ZHENG Yan       

19.  从纸扎明宅到石刻阴宅:重新思考十九世纪陕西大荔李氏家族墓的视觉性

From Paper House to Stone House: Rethinking Visuality of Dali Li Clan Tombs in Shaanxi during the Nineteenth Century

李雨杭                    (威斯康辛大学麦迪逊分校)

LI Yuhang               (University of Wisconsin - Madison)


9:30-9:45 评议、讨论    Discussion

20.  触觉景象:重建中古中国墓葬空间的阈限性

Tactile Vision: Reconfiguring the Liminality of Burial Space in Middle-Period China

洪知希                    (加拿大麦吉尔大学)

Jeehee Hong      (McGill University)


10:15-10:30 评议、讨论    Discussion

10:30-10:45 茶歇     Tea Break

21.  考古和美術史?學科方法的反省

Archaeology and Art History? – Reflections on Disciplinary Methods

郑如珀           ( 欧柏林学院美术史系)

Bonnie Cheng        (Department of Art History, Oberlin College)         


11:15-11:30 评议、讨论    Discussion

22.  作为方法论的墓葬

Tomb As Methodology

巫鸿            (芝加哥大学东亚艺术中心)

Wu Hung         (Center for the Art of East Asia, University of Chicago)


12:00-12:15 评议、讨论  Discussion

12:15-12:30 总结 Conclusion

主持人: 蒋人和

Moderator: Katherine Tsiang

总结者: 巫鸿、朱青生、郑岩

Closing Remarks: WU Hung, Wei-Cheng Lin, ZHENG Yan