Wen Fang Exhibition Opening and Roundtable

3:30–6:00 pm
University of Chicago Center in Beijing
20th Floor, Culture Plaza
59A Zhong Guan Cun Street
Haidian District, Beijing


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——冯姝娣 (策展人)

Wen Fang's art is a collaboration with the world. In her photographic works we see not only the hard hats and warm smiles of urban workers, we can almost hear them joking with the photographer in wintry construction sites. In the land art, we witness gatherings of people and things – children, flowers, rocks, cracks in walls – joining nature in its changes. Admiring the figures we see threading through The Second Sex, we hear the women of the Ningxia Hundred Flowers Needlework Collective chatting about women's lives and sharing their mothers' designs for the soles of hand-made shoes. And, facing a box of "void scrolls," we recall the wordless "true sutras" carried away from India by the monk Xuan Zang and his monkey sidekick Sun Wukong. Even those more solitary works that play conceptually with the constraints of materials (bronze, thick paper, a video camera) are a collaboration between the artist's welcoming disposition and a living and responsive human and material world. Wen Fang throughout her career has made friends with light and earth, living and working spaces, people and flowers, dancing and laughing. And like all such deep connections, Wen Fang's art can change and heal us.  

——Judith Farquhar, Curator



——艺婷 (策展人)

The thread of Wen Fang’s life is like a thorny bramble. Its barbs can both injure and bring strength.  When she finds a broader landscape for life, thorns transform into floating down, soft and light, carrying along Wen Fang, and her friends, and the children who create with her.

——Tara Wang, Curator





1976年生于中国北京。毕业于法国巴黎路易.卢米埃尔国家高等艺术学院L’ENS Louis-Lumière摄影系。她经常和普通民众合作创作艺术作品,如打工者、农村妇女、儿童等,作品形式涉及摄影、装置、雕塑、行为等。她说:“艺术不该只是高高在上的,和普通人没有关系的,只是一个锦上添花的工作。”作品在法国、瑞士、瑞典、意大利、韩国、日本等国家、上海、北京及亚洲其他地区展出,被LVMH集团、法国雷诺艺术基金会、法国纳夫利兹OBC银行等机构收藏。


Wen Fang, artist.  Born in 1976 in Beijing, she graduated from the Department of Photography at L’ENS Louis-Lumière, France.  When creating art, she often collaborates with ordinary people: migrant workers, women farmers, children.  Her works include photography, installation, sculpture, performance, and more.  She believes that “art should not be something that sits on high while having nothing to do with ordinary people.  And it is not just the icing on the cake either.”  Her works have been exhibited in France, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Korea, Japan, Shanghai, Beijing and in other parts of Asia.  LVMH, Renault Art Foundation, and Banque Neuflize OBC, among other agencies, have collected Wen Fang’s art.  Find out more about Wen Fang from www.wenfangart.cn.