Workshop on Child and Youth Development in China

All day
The University of Chicago Center in Beijing
Culture Plaza 20th Floor
59A Zhongguancun Street
Haidian District, Beijing, 100872


In a timely academic salute to Children's Day, a large group of researchers and childhood development experts convened at the University of Chicago Center in Beijing on June 1, 2018 for the Workshop on Child and Youth Development in China. The workshop followed the development of children in China across a series of significant age groups, starting with early childhood development and continuing through collegiate success. Dali Yang, William C. Reavis Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago; Dr. Lijun Chen, Senior Researcher at Chapin Hall; and Di Zhou, Research Associate in the University of Chicago Department of Political Science; collaborated with Shandong University on this workshop.

The array of topics presented at the workshop allowed participants a nearly holistic view of childhood development, investigating the effects of factors such as family structure, poverty alleviation attempts, rural-urban migration, and social seclusion. The significant efforts of researchers heading the Child and Family Panel Studies (ISSS at PKU), China Education Panel Survey (NRSC at Renmin University), and Longitudinal Survey of College Students (Renmin University) contributed greatly to many of the projects presented, and representatives of each survey presented their projects during the first three panels of the day. Following each survey presentation, several researchers presented their work on topics related to the survey data's content.

After a brief interlude, the group reconvened for a set of two panels focused on inequality and child welfare. Speakers on these panels came from a variety of academic institutions and children’s welfare organizations making for a well-rounded set of perspectives on a set of topics whose scope requires large-scale collaboration across multiple fields. The discussion that followed allowed participants the opportunity to engage with each other's work and perspectives in greater detail.

To close off the day, participants discussed the aims and missions of childhood development research in the near future. Given its close ties to and interests in developing young minds, the University of Chicago Center in Beijing was delighted to have the opportunity to host today's workshop. Through this workshop and others to come, the University and Chapin Hall hope to continue their longstanding commitment to collaborating with their Chinese counterparts and applying their collective intellectual and research resources to improve the conditions of many strata of Chinese society.