Workshop on Sustainable Happiness

All day


Sustainable happiness is an important topic.  While improvement in wealth can temporally increase consumers’ subjective well-being, such increase is often transient due to raising expectation and hedonic adaptation.  Research on sustainable happiness studies how to make the increased happiness “stick” by using behavioral approaches.  In this workshop, participants exchanged ideas with the goal of fostering future collaborations.

Organizer: Christopher K. Hsee (ChicagoBooth Department of Behavioral Science)

9-9:30 Xianchi Dai (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)    Does living in New York City make people happy about their leisure life?

9:30-10 Catherine Yueng (National University of Singapore)    Why is it so difficult to be happy? The role of effortful control in mood repair

10-10:30 Jessica Kwong (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)    Enough is enough: A failure quota account in the escalation paradigm

10:30-11 break

11-11:30 Xiuping Li (National University of Singapore) & Meng Zhang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)   Physical weight on psychological importance: The relative role of semantic activations

11:30-12 Wenjing Liu (Tsinghua University)    Mental accounting in customer-brand relationships

12-2 lunch break

2-2:30 Yuhuang Zheng (Tsinghua University) The impact of priming money concept on consumer choice between hedonic and utilitarian options

2:30-3 Ying Zhang (University of Texas, Austin)  The accelerated race to destiny: Time perception as a function of attention

3-3:30 Chris Hsee (University of Chicago)  TBA

3:30-4 break

4-5:30 free discussion

6-8 dinner