Workshop on Theorizing Structural Change in 20th Century China

All day
Through July 24, 2011

Jul. 21

China’s history can be characterized as a history of social and intellectual responses to new forms of global structurings and imperatives.  This workshop contributed to our understanding of such transformations by focusing attention on the ways in which the history of China is integrated into global logics.  In order to contribute to a discussion of transformations in China from a perspective that is not limited to “Chinese studies,” we would like to bring together scholars who study China from a wide variety of backgrounds and scholars who have developed theoretical frameworks for understanding change in the modern world.

Organizers: James Hevia (Department of International History), Viren Murthy, and Moishe Postone (Department of History), in collaboration with Wang Hui, Institute of Advanced Studies and Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Qinghua (Tsinghua) University.

Workshop on Theorizing Structural Change in 20th Century China

July 21-July 24





Schedule of Panels


Day1: Thursday,  July 21st


8:30 Opening Remarks: James HEVIA, WANG Hui and Viren MURTHY

开幕致辞: 何伟亚、汪晖、慕唯仁

9:00-12:00 Keynote Speech

Moishe POSTONE, “Rethinking Marx’s Critical Theory”

Moderator: WANG Hui



12:00-1:15pm Lunch午餐



Panel 1: Late Qing Treaty Ports in the Context of Global Capitalism

Moderator: James HEVIA


Stacie HANNEMAN, “Treaty Port China: forging global logics of governance”

Andy LIU, “Treaty Port China, the tea trade, world competition”

3:00-3:15 Coffee Break茶歇

3:15-4:45 pm

Panel 2: Legal and Intellectual Transformations of the Late Qing in Global Context

Moderator: Stacie HANNEMAN

主持人:Stacie HANNEMAN

Robert STERN, “The Jurisprudence of Empire: Civilization, Extraterritoriality, and the Juridical Order of the Earth”

James HEVIA, “Western Imperialism and Military Reform in Japan and China”

Day 2 : Friday, July 22nd


9:00 – 10:30 am

Panel 3:  Rethinking Chinese Political Philosophy:  Rethinking the Pasts and Futures of Equality

Moderator: Saul THOMAS


WANG Hui, “Another Inquiry on the “Equality of What?””

QIAO Zhihang, “The Journal of Natural Justice and the Problem of Equality in Late Qing Anarchist Thought”

10:30-10:45 Coffee Break茶歇

10:45- 12:15 pm

Panel 4: Rethinking Revolutionary China Part I

Moderator SUN Ge


Qi Xiaohong,” The Masses, Nationalism and Revolution”

Mobo GAO, Title to be announced

12:15 to 1:15 Lunch午餐


Panel 5: Rethinking Revolutionary China Part II

Moderator Christian UHL

主持人:Christian UHL

Jake WERNER, “1950s China as an instance of global Fordism”

WU Yiching, “Revolution” and “Restoration” in Contemporary China: Toward a Historical Critique of Chinese Postsocialism”

3:00-3:15pm Coffee Break茶歇


Panel 6: Rethinking Globalization, Knowledge Production and Cultural Translation

Moderator Viren MURTHY


Christian UHL “Is There Such a Thing as ‘Chinese Modernity’?

– A Postonian Reminder about Not Mistaking the Ought for is When Talking About ‘Cultural Diversity’, and so on”

Saul THOMAS, “The Struggle Over Intellectuals and Modern Knowledge in the Mao Era”

Dinner晚餐 (紫荆半岛港式餐厅,中心步行五分钟)

Day 3: Saturday,  July 23rd


9:00-10:30 am

Round Table Discussion: New Perspectives on Modern China: Capitalism Law and Culture

Saul THOMAS, Jake WERNER, Andy LIU, QIAO Zhihang, Mobo GAO,  SUN Ge

参与者:汤思奥、Jake WERNER、刘仁威、乔志航、高默波、孙歌

10:30-10:45  Coffee Break茶歇

10:45: 12:15 pm

Panel 7: Nationalism, Nationality and Modernity

Moderator: Jake WERNER

主持人:Jake WERNER

Andrew KIPNIS, “Constructing Commonality: Standardization and Modernization in Chinese Nation-Building”

CUI Zhiyuan, “Partial Intimations of the Coming Whole — The Chongqing Experiment in light of Henry George, James Meade and Antonio Gramsci”

12:15-1:15 Lunch 午餐


Panel 8:  Chinese Modernity and Japanese Perspectives

Moderator: LU Xinyu


Viren MURTHY  “The Tortuous Fate of ‘Civil Society’ in 20th Century China and Japan”

SUN Ge, “Searching for Truth in the Vicissitudes of Chinese History:  The Scholarly World of Mizoguchi Yuzo”

3:00-3:15  Coffee Break茶歇


Panel 9:  Rethinking Political Economy in China’s Long 20th Century

Moderator: Andrew KIPNIS

主持人:Andrew KIPNIS

Rebecca KARL, “Economics, Culture and Historical Time: A 1930s Critique”

Chris CONNERY, “ Class Society Without Class Struggle: On “Harmony”

Day 4: Sunday,  July 24th


8:30-10:00 am

Panel 10:  Rethinking Modern China: State Capitalism and Rural Reconstruction

Moderator: WANG Hui


WEN Tiejun, title to be Announced

LU Xinyu, “’Ya Xi Ya’ Absolutism and the different paths of the Chinese and Russian Revolutions”


Closing Round-Table ( WANG Hui, WEN Tiejun, LU Xinyu, Moishe POSTONE, James HEVIA)