A Lovely Day in Tanzhesi for the Beijing Civilizations Study Abroad Students

November 8, 2018

On Wednesday, November 7, 2018, the Beijing Civilizations study abroad program participants ventured to Tanzhesi (潭柘寺)on a trip organized by the Center’s faculty director, Professor Judith Farquhar.

Located in the Western Hills of Beijing, about 35km southwest of the Center in Beijing, the earliest structures at Tanzhesi were built in the first year of the Yongjia period of the Jin dynasty (307 ACE). The name “Tanzhesi” refers to the Dragon Pool (龙潭) above the temple, and the mulberry trees (柘林) that dot the temple grounds. It is one of the oldest temples in Beijing, and it remains a vibrant spiritual site for Buddhist worshippers.

The students had the good fortune of crisp, clear autumn weather as they spent the day exploring the beautiful and active temple complex and the nearby countryside. See the photos for a glimpse into autumn in Beijing’s Western Hills.