Anhui Middle School Students visit the Center in Beijing on World-Broadening Trip

  • Interim Executive Director Ji Yuan welcomes the group of Xiuning Middle School students to the Center in Beijing.

  • Mr. Yuan introduces the geographical layout of the University of Chicago to the students.

  • The raptor fossil in the Center in Beijing's student lounge peaks the interest of many a student.

  • Program Coordinator, and College Class of 2015, Adrian Aldana shares what could be gained from a UChicago experience with students.

  • Rising second year Anyi Wang elaborates on her decision to study abroad as an international student.

August 14, 2019

On the morning of August 12, the University of Chicago Center in Beijing enthusiastically welcomed a group of 40 students from Xiuning Middle School in Anhui Province, China, as part of a summer camp program organized and led by Wu Hao, an Associate Professor and Ph.D. from Peking University and the Executive Director of the Institute of Silk Road Studies at Beijing Foreign Studies University.

Originally from Xiuning County in Anhui Province, Mr. Wu has wanted to give back to his hometown and offer other students the opportunities he was exposed to. Therefore, he raised money and organized a small summer camp program to bring these students to Beijing, expand their horizons, and show them other opportunities. Their trip has included several museum visits, as well as reception talks at several universities such as Peking University, Tsinghua University and Beijing Foreign Studies University. Born out of love for his hometown and wanting to show these students a world beyond their own, Mr. Wu took it upon himself to fund and create this summer program.

Ji Yuan, Interim Executive Director of the Center in Beijing, hosted the students, and gave them a tour of the Center in Beijing, as well as spoke about the purpose of the Center in Beijing and recounted a brief history of the University of Chicago. Local Beijing native and rising second year undergraduate Anyi Wang spoke about her experience and decision to study abroad. College Class of 2015 and Program Coordinator at the Center in Beijing, Adrian Aldana spoke about the university’s distinctness and what he gained from his college experience.

The University of Chicago Center in Beijing wishes the best for the students on their trip to broaden their horizons and explore new opportunities.