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Civilizations Program 2012: Exploring Cultures Across East Asia

The Autumn 2012 East Asian Civilizations Abroad program is the first undergraduate academic program held at the Center with a concentration not only on China, but also on other areas of Asia. The Civilizations students are taking courses on a critical approach to Japanese history, wider East Asian cultural impressions on Vietnamese society, and anthropology of urban China, taught mornings by University of Chicago faculty in three-week blocks. The students also attend Chinese language classes each afternoon.
December 4, 2012

University of Chicago Economists Featured at Caijing Magazine Annual Conference

On November 28, 2012, a group of University of Chicago-affiliated economists delivered remarks in an opening session at the 10th Caijing Annual Conference in Beijing. The finance and economics conference, sponsored by China’s Caijing magazine and themed “Forecasts and Strategies,” brought together experts and industry luminaries from across China and the world. The first conference panel, which was convened after Wang Boming (editor-in-chief of Caijing and chairman of SEEC Media Group) and John Howard (former Prime Minister of Australia) delivered opening speeches, featured a group of economists who are either alumni or current faculty members of the University of Chicago.
December 4, 2012


UChicago MFA Students Research Arts in Beijing with Laura Letinsky and Geof Oppenheimer

On September 17, 2012, a group of 14 Masters of Fine Arts students from the University of Chicago arrived in Beijing for a groundbreaking hands-on program focused on the city’s contemporary art scene. The students, all members of the second-year MFA cohort at UChicago, enjoyed gallery visits, talks with artists and administrators, workshop discussions, and cultural experiences planned by Visual Arts professor Laura Letinsky and co-led by fellow professor Geof Oppenheimer. The MFA students are all practicing artists, yet the program at UChicago also emphasizes theory, history, reading, and discussion, so the students enjoyed critically engaging with what they saw in Beijing. Untitled 39"26", 115"25" - 117"30", named for Beijing's geographic coordinates, was one of a growing number of short-term programs hosted at the Center in partnership with the University's graduate departments and schools.

Untitled 39"26", 115"25" - 117"30": MFA Study in Beijing also included a visit to our collaborator institution Shandong University (Jinan, Shandong Province), where the group participated in another discussion workshop with Chinese students. Professor Letinsky spoke on her work at Shandong University, an Asia Society Gathering, and Peking University, while Professor Oppenheimer spoke at the UChicago Center in Beijing and Shandong University. The UChicago students were also joined in Beijing by ten undergraduate and graduate Chinese students from Shandong University, who had a diverse range of arts-focused and non-arts backgrounds and contributed to the cross-cultural spirit of the program.
October 15, 2012


Career Advancement Trek Brings Students to Beijing

From September 13-14, 2012, a group of UChicago undergraduates, grad students, and new alumni toured Beijing during the University of Chicago Office of Career Advancement’s first general career trek to Asia. The group visited numerous workplaces of alumni and friends of the University to gain an understanding of what it takes to build a career in China. The students stopped by the offices of alums or heard from speakers in the areas of consulting, elite education prep, finance, pharmaceutical research, restaurant development, mobile app development, venture capital, and GPS software development. The career trek was focused on entrepreneurship, and many of the speakers related their past entrepreneurial experiences to the group. As the autumn academic quarter had not yet started, students converged on Beijing from homes in China, wider Asia, and the United States to attend the trek.
September 14, 2012


Summer 2012 Student Internships in Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

The Jeff Metcalf Program at UChicago’s Career Advancement office placed 24 interns at internship positions across mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan for summer 2012. Most of these were research-based programs developed by University of Chicago faculty members Professor Wei-Jen Tang and Professor Dali Yang. Professor Wei-Jen Tang, Professor of Cancer Research in Biological Sciences, designed the Undergraduate Summer Science Research in China program, which offers science major undergraduates a research opportunity at biological, chemical, or biomedical laboratories in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Yang, Faculty Director of the Center in Beijing, targeted his internship research positions toward studying Chinese government policies and their effects on society. Project Assistant Chenjia Xu helped with oversight.
August 22, 2012

New Generation China Scholars Program Announced

With support from the Ford Foundation, the University of Chicago Center in Beijing invites applications from graduate students in the social sciences to participate in an initiative to foster intellectual interactions among early career scholars in the social sciences from the U.S. and China. Successful candidates will each be offered a modest stipend and have the opportunity to work on their projects at the Center in Beijing, under the guidance of faculty mentors and in collaboration with fellow graduate researchers. During the 6-8 month project term, participants will have access to workspace and other facilities and resources offered by the Center. For U.S.-based applicants, preference will be given to those who are already scheduled to be in China for field research.
August 19, 2012

2012 Summer Chinese Language Program

The 2012 Summer Session Chinese Language Program brought 33 students to Beijing for a Mandarin immersion experience. In its second year at the Center and fifth year overall, the Graham School program combined morning classes taught by Youqin Wang and Fangpei Cai with afternoon small-group sessions and drills led by local instructors. Building upon the Chinese they had studied previously in Hyde Park, the students were able to practice their language skills by exploring Beijing alongside their teachers.
August 13, 2012


Spring Social Sciences Program 2012: Students Gain a Hands-On Understanding of China

In late March 2012, the undergraduate participants in our second annual Spring Social Sciences Program arrived in Beijing and delved into classes on Chinese society, political history, and economics. The students will be in Beijing for one ten-week quarter, and will combine their coursework with unique group excursions to government bureaus, companies, nongovernmental organizations, and historical sites. This year's three English-language courses are being taught by University of Chicago Professor Dali YANG ("Chinese Foreign Policy"), University of Chicago Professor William PARISH ("Chinese Society"), and Renmin University Professor TAO Ran ("China's Economic Development and Transition"); the students are also taking Chinese classes with Renmin University language faculty.
April 26, 2012