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Civilizations Program 2013: An Intensive Exploration of Beijing

The quarter-long East Asian Civilizations in Beijing Program brings 26 undergraduates to the Center each autumn to study Asian history, culture, and politics in a culturally immersive setting. This year, in a change of pace from the pan-Asia-focused 2012 Civilizations program, the students delved intensively into Chinese political history and cultural currents with a special focus on the capital city of Beijing. Three University of Chicago professors traveled to Beijing to each lead a three-week course. Professor James Hevia (Department of History; International Studies) taught the first course of the quarter on History of Beijing; Professor Dingxin Zhao (Department of Sociology) led a class on Revolutions and Rebellions in Modern Chinese History; and Professor Paola Iovene (Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations) taught an interdisciplinary course on Beijing in Literature and Film.
December 5, 2013


UChicago MFA Cohort Explores Contemporary Art Scene in Beijing

A group of rising second-years in UChicago's Masters in Fine Arts program visited Beijing in September, along with Department of Visual Arts professors Laura Letinsky and Geof Oppenheimer. The study tour program, the second in a yearly series, offered the MFA students the opportunity to delve into Beijing's flourishing contemporary art scene via gallery tours, studio visits, and discussions with prominent artists and curators. This year's program concluded with several days of exchange activities with the Renmin University of China art department.
October 29, 2013


2013 Summer Language Program

24 students took Chinese classes at the Center in Beijing during the 2013 Summer Session Chinese Language Program. In its third year at the Center and sixth year overall, the Graham School-led program combined morning classes taught by UChicago Chinese teachers Youqin Wang and Fangpei Cai with afternoon small-group sessions led by local instructors. Participants also engaged with the language through field trips, sessions with language practice partners, and independent exploration of Beijing and wider China. This year’s program brought together two non-UChicago undergraduates, one UChicago PhD student, and 21 students in the College for intensive language learning.
September 12, 2013


Summer Students Visit Paleontology Museum

Students in the Summer Chinese Language Program visited the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology in Beijing on Thursday, July 25, 2013.  The IVPP, part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is a key research institute of China and a  powerhouse in the investigation of paleontology and vertebrate evolution.
July 30, 2013

2013-14 New Generation China Scholars Program CFP

July 8, 2013


Renslow Sherer Visits Wuhan, Beijing and Jinan

Renslow Sherer, International AIDS Training Center Director, visited the cities of Wuhan, Beijing and Jinan during his April, 2013, trip to China.
June 6, 2013


Spring Social Sciences Program 2013

A group of eleven students in the College arrived in Beijing in late March to begin a Study Abroad quarter focused on China’s history and contemporary social issues. The 2013 Spring Social Sciences Program will introduce students to China’s modern history, economic development, and societal landscape via integrated English-language courses, Chinese language classes, and unique academic excursions. This year’s program features three quarter-long courses: Professor Emeritus William Parish (UChicago Department of Sociology) is teaching “Chinese Society;” Professor James Hevia (UChicago Department of History) is teaching “History of Beijing;” and Professor TAO Ran (School of Economics, Renmin University of China) is teaching “China’s Economic Development and Transition.”
May 1, 2013