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Civilizations Program 2014: China’s Social History, Art, and Cinema

Each autumn, the Center hosts the East Asian Civilizations in Beijing program, which brings a diverse group of undergraduates to China to study Asian history, culture, and society. This year, 21 students from the College are learning abroad at the Center while living on the Renmin University of China campus, delving into three classes focused on various aspects of Chinese ancient and modern civilization.
November 13, 2014


Looking Back: Center in Beijing Hosted Unprecedented Number of Summer Interns in 2014

The summer of 2014 brought an unprecedented number of University of Chicago undergraduate interns to the Center in Beijing. Ten interns researched public policy and environmental governance at the Center. Two students also worked on biology research with top international professors, while the Center's first-ever affiliated contemporary arts intern worked on this year's installation in the Steve Sun Art Gallery at the Center. The summer interns also had the opportunity to join Summer Language Program students on a range of group excursions in Beijing and to the nearby historical city of Chengde.
October 8, 2014


2014 Summer Language Program Students Get Connected to Beijing

Summer 2014 marked the fourth year that the Chicago in Beijing Summer Chinese Language Program has been held at the Center in Beijing. This year, a group of current UChicago undergraduates were joined by several UChicago graduate students and an incoming first-year in studying Mandarin and exploring Beijing and wider China. The students attended lectures and drill sessions at the Center, visited local historical sites each weekend, and got involved in the community of UChicago summer interns and alumni in the city. University of Chicago Chinese teachers Youqin Wang and Fangpei Cai led the program, with assistance from four local junior teachers.
September 4, 2014


Michael Kulma Brings US-China Relations Experience to New Position as Associate VP

Michael G. Kulma, who brings experience in foreign policy and international scholarship as an executive director and senior fellow at the Asia Society, was appointed the University of Chicago's Associate Vice President for Global Initiatives on July 7, 2014.
July 8, 2014


Spring Social Sciences 2014: Bringing Contemporary China into Focus

The Social Sciences in Beijing Study Abroad spring quarter program presents students with an opportunity to delve into China’s economic transformation and rising global impact from the inside. The quarter’s classes painted a rich picture of contemporary China’s economy, society, and politics, as considered from a vantage point in Beijing. In addition to taking a full load of courses, the 2014 Social Sciences cohort were adventurous travelers, using weekends and a mid-term break to explore the Chinese provinces of Sichuan, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, and Shaanxi.
June 12, 2014


College Class of 2018 Admitted Students Gather at Center in Beijing

On March 22, the Center in Beijing hosted a reception in collaboration with the Office of College Admissions to welcome local students that had been accepted to the College's Class of 2018. The event provided an opportunity for newly admitted students to meet each other, and for the students and their parents to get answers to their questions about enrolling at UChicago and preparing for college life in America. Attendees came from high schools throughout Beijing and wider China.
April 9, 2014


Career Trek 2013 Students Learn From Alumni in China

From December 17-20, 2013, a group of University of Chicago undergraduates led by Office of Career Advancement staff visited the workplaces of alumni and friends in Beijing and Shanghai to get a sense of the current job market in China. This was the second Career Trek to bring UChicagoans to mainland China (read more about the first Career Trek to Beijing here). The trip was focused on business and entrepreneurship, and many of the student participants are members of the UChicago Careers in Business professional development program.
February 17, 2014