News Archive: 2021


A Greeting from Incoming University of Chicago President Paul Alivisatos

In a greeting to the UChicago community, Paul Alivisatos describes how the University inspired him as a College student and shares his ambitions as its 14th president.
March 5, 2021


Video Recording of Webinar on Cross Currents: Contemporary Art from New Delhi to Beijing

How does contemporary art intersect with South, Southeast, and East Asia? How is it defined and contested across these regions? How do new geographic formations and constellations—global to region to state—provide alternative methodologies for studying contemporary art? “Cross Currents: Contemporary Art from New Delhi to Beijing” brings together scholars and artists throughout Asia to discuss these pressing contemporary issues. This webinar assembles curators from East, Southeast, and South Asia to deliberate on how the art scenes from each region inform new understandings of the global and the contemporary in light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and our post-COVID futures.  
February 27, 2021