Beijing Study Abroad Students explore Wuhan, from Museums to Night Markets

  • The entire class gathers for a group photo in front of the Panlongcheng archaeological site.

  • UChicago EALC graduate student Carly Yu (center with a UChicago sweater) shows students around the archaeological grounds of the Panlongcheng site.

  • UChicago and Wuhan University students break the ice with a good old fashioned game of musical chairs, before their open round table discussions.

  • Students from both universities discuss school life in the U.S. and China.

  • Several students stand in front of Hubu Alley, one of many food alleys where students sampled a variety of small local treats.

  • Program TA Yasser Nasser (bottom center) and students pose in front of the Yangtze River, as Wuhan city lights glimmer in the background.

November 6, 2019

From October 31 to November 3, UChicago undergraduate students in the Beijing East Asian Civilizations study abroad program travelled to Wuhan, China, spending 4 days in this historic city. Based in Wuhan University, a sister university of UChicago, the group of 22 students ventured across the city, visiting archaeological sites and exploring night markets and food alleys.

Yungti Li, Associate Professor in East Asian Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago, led the class on a visit to the Panlongcheng archaeological site and museum, where students were able to engage with their class readings and learn more about the process of unearthing artifacts. Students also continued to expand their knowledge of Chinese archaeology by visiting the Hubei Provincial Museum, comparing artifacts put on exhibit there with those from the Panlongcheng museum and the National Museum of China in Beijing. At Wuhan University, our UChicago students participated in roundtable group discussions with Wuhan University students, talking about differences in their college classes and class schedules, among other things.

In addition to visiting museums as part of their study abroad class, students adventured around Wuhan, bargaining for deals in night markets and sampling local delicacies in various food alleys.