Hu Shih and the Newly-Published English Version of His History of Chinese Thought

April 20, 2019

On Saturday, April 20, a workshop on Hu Shih was held at the University of Chicago Center in Beijing in connection with the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press’s publication of the English version of the Hu Shih’s History of Chinese Thought. Mr. Hao WU, the book’s Chief Editor from Beijing Foreign Studies University, and his colleague, Lu YI, Editor at Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press, planned and organized the event.

Before the workshop started, Ji YUAN, Interim Executive Director of the Center in Beijing, led attendees on a tour of the Center in Beijing. In his introduction, Mr. Yuan introduced the Center’s history and development since its establishment in 2009 and elaborated upon the relationship between the University of Chicago and Hu Shih. Hu Shih gave a series of lectures at the University in 1933, as the year’s invited Haskell Lecturer. He also gave another lecture series on the history of Chinese thought in 1944 respectively, was awarded an Honorary Doctorate in 1939, and previously had his only English-language book published by the University of Chicago Press.

After the tour and introduction, researchers, scholars, and editors from both mainland China and Taiwan gathered at the Center’s large classroom, where they discussed and shared their research on Hu Shih and his work.