International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Pancreatic Surgery held in Xi’an

September 15, 2018

On September 8, 2018, the CPSC-University of Chicago Symposium was jointly held in Xi’an by University of Chicago Center in Beijing, Wuhan University Center for Pathology and Molecular Diagnostics, and Committee for Pancreatic Surgery, Society of Surgery, Chinese Medical Association during the 16th Chinese Pancreatic Surgery Congress. Experts from China and abroad came together for a informative interdisciplinary discussion on clinical issues. The session was moderated by Professor Shu-Yuan Xiao from UChicago Medicine and Zhongnan Hospital Affiliated to Wuhan University, Professor Irving Waxman from UChicago Medicine, Professor Pardmod Kumar Garg from All India Institution of Medical Sciences and Professor Hao Chunyi from Beijing Cancer Hospital.

The session started with Professor Xiao’s presentation on the role of pathology in assessment of prognosis of pancreatic cancer with real life cases, followed by a speech by Professor Zhao Gang from Wuhan Union Hospital on one-time definite laparoscopic debridement for infected necrotizing pancreatitis with 26 cases. Professor Mitchell Posner from University of Chicago Medicine talked about clinical trial science and optimal management of borderline pancreatic cancer, while his colleague, Professor Irving Waxman, informed the audience with how gastrointestinal endoscopy could help manage pancreatic necrosis. Professor Pardmod Kumar Garg from India spoke of a viable medical therapy for chronic pancreatitis, and Professor Bai Xueli tried to address the question if neoadjuvant therapy is beneficial for resectable pancreatic cancer patients. The session was concluded by Professor Guo Shiwei from Changhai Hospital, Second Military Medical University with a summary exploring the individualized treatment in pancreatic cancer.

All presentations and discussions were in English. The speakers received many questions from the floor and the audience enthusiastically engaged themselves in conversation with the experts. The symposium paved the way for more academic exchanges on pancreatic research between China and the US, and this best exemplifies the long-standing academic partnership between UChicago scholars and their Chinese colleagues, which is facilitated by UChicago Center in Beijing. The Department of Pancreatic Surgery, headed by Academician Zhao Yupei, the President of the Peking Union Medical Colleague Hospital hope that international congresses held this year and in the years to follow could serve as a platform for long-term collaboration and progress, and this year marks a promising start. In addition, Professor Waxman and Professor Posner made contact with many Chinese experts, ready for cooperation opportunities to come.