Renmin University Trainees Visit the UChicago Center in Beijing

Deputy Director Ji Yuan

April 20, 2016

On April 20, 2016, 30 trainees from the Renmin University International Engagement Staff Training Program visited the UChicago Center in Beijing to tour the facility and exchange ideas. The Program, led by Zhang Xiaojing, Director of the International Office at Renmin University, focuses on training staff from Renmin University’s International office as well as a number of different schools. Ji Yuan, Deputy Director of the Center and Xueming Liang, Senior Associate Director of the Center, received the group. During the visit, the group exchanged ideas on how to promote international collaboration. Mr. Yuan also took the opportunity to talk about the mission of the UChicago Beijing Center as well as the University’s historical development, its ties with China and its network of global Centers.