Renslow Sherer Visits Wuhan, Beijing and Jinan

June 6, 2013

Renslow Sherer, International AIDS Training Center Director, visited the cities of Wuhan, Beijing and Jinan during his April, 2013, trip to China.

Sherer has a longstanding relationship with Wuhan University, which led to the WUMER Project research paper entitled "Medical Education Reform in Wuhan University, China: A Preliminary Report of an International Collaboration". The paper was recently published in Teaching and Learning in Medicine Journal. Sherer's work advancing the treatment of AIDS patients and medical education reform in Wuhan led to his receiving in October of 2011 Hubei Province's Chime Bell Award, which recognizes foreign experts for major contributions to the economic and social well-being of the province.

While in Beijing on April 15, Sherer collaborated with Ying Cheng at the China Centers for Disease Control on an Infectious Disease Symposium focusing on hospital-acquired infections and HIV.

April 22 and 23, Sherer visited Shandong University in Jinan at the invitation of the American Cultural Exchange Center (ACEC), accompanied by his Research Coordinator Ivy Morgan.

The ACEC is a partnership between Shandong University and the University of Chicago, funded in part through April of 2013 by the American Center for Educational Exchange.  Overseen by Zou Nan, Director of the Department of International Affairs at Shandong, and Dali Yang, Faculty Director for UChicago's Center in Beijing, the ACEC primarily brings UChicago faculty and students to Jinan for presentations and collaborations and brings ShanDa faculty and students to conferences and lectures at the Center in Beijing.

Sherer began his morning on April 22 by meeting with Shandong University Vice-President Lou Hongxiang, Director Zou Nan, Dean of ShanDa's School of Public Health Yu Xuejie and Ma Chunhong, Deputy Dean of the School of Medicine.  In the afternoon, he met with Liu Chuanyong, Deputy Dean of the School of Medicine and other professors in that department.

In the late afternoon of his first day in Jinan, Sherer gave a lecture on HIV to an audience of approximately 70 students and faculty interested in medicine.

On the morning of April 23, Sherer met with more of the School of Public Health faculty: Yu Xuejie again, as well as Deputy Dean Xue Fuzhong and Jiang Baofa, Ma Wei and Zhao Li.

After lunch on the second day, he toured Qilu Hospital, meeting with Wang Kai, the Director of the Division of Liver Diseases, and Ma Lixian, Director of the Division of Infectious Diseases.  These meetings, like those the previous days, included short presentations by researchers at Shandong and by Sherer.

In the late afternoon, Hou Xinguo, Director of the International Office at Qilu Hospital, accompanied the UChicago delegation through more of the physical facilities before a meeting with the President of Qilu Hospital Kong Beihua.