Renslow Sherer Wins Hubei Province Chime Bell Award

WANG Guosheng, Governor of Hubei Province, presents a Chime Bell Award to Dr. Renslow SHERER.

October 12, 2011

Initiated by the government of Hubei Province in 1994, the Chime Bells Award honors foreign experts who have contributed to the betterment of the province.  The University of Chicago's Renslow Sherer was the only American among this year's ten recipients. "The Chime Bell award was very moving," he reported.

Dr. Sherer, Professor of Medicine in the Infectious Diseases and Global Health section of the Biological Sciences Division, is also a visiting professor at Wuhan University in Hubei.  The school's English language website had this to say about his contributions:

As the advocate of the WHU-Chicago Medical Education Reform Project, he serves as the project leader of the US side. In the meantime, he works for the World Health Organization contributing to the compilation of guidelines for HIV/AIDS prevention, and also for the World Health Foundation as technical supervisor of the Sino-US Joint Training Program of AIDS Prevention. Since 2003, Prof. SHERER has visited Hubei more than 30 times, making significant contributions to the medical staff training and medical education cause of the province.

Besides Wuhan University, collaborating Chinese institutions included Project HOPE Shanghai, Beijing University, Hong Kong University, Peking Union Medical College, the China Medical Board, Shanghai Jiaotong University, the Chinese Academy of Medical Science, Peking University Health Science Center and Fudan University.  Sherer plans more workshops in the coming year.